Splinterlands had become too bad.

in Splinterlands2 months ago

Greetings friends,

I am playing splintelands since it has started. I had purchased its initial cards packs when actual game had not started. It was going nice and everything was smooth. However, things changed after splinterlands started new type of game setting. It introduced sps and focus point system which initially had not bad things. But, later they changed it again and new point and award distribution system cam into existence. Now, it had become very bad and manipulative.

I am losing battle in very bizarre manner. My opponents' power always work while my monsters becoming helpless. They miss their lots of attacks. So, it is clear that something is very bad happening on splinterlands.

That was the thing and again I faced this problem. I was playing guild battles. But, when I tried to submit teams for battles, it is showing that "there are no playable summoners available for this battle". What is the meaning of it? If summoners are not available, how could one make team? So, ultimately spliterlands showed me as surrendered. This is very pathetic and very bad for the development of this game. If the developers are reading my post, they should try to solve the problem and make this platform more transparent and responsible.

Thank you.

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