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Hello, Respected Steemit Team and Dear Steemians!

Steemit Azerbaijan Monthly Support Application.png

We - Steemit Azerbaijan Team is writing this application post on behalf of Steemit Azerbaijan, one of the fastest-growing and most active Communities on the Steemit platform, although it was just created a few months ago.

Before we talk about our community, some of our dear community members have prepared a short "Greetings" video for Steemit Team. We'd like to share it. :)

Steemit Azerbaijan Application.png

Thank you very much for watching! :)

Now we’d like to inform you about Steemit Azerbaijan Community, our goals and our roadmap.

community purpose.png

The aim of our community is to bring together the users joining the Steemit Platform from Azerbaijan and to represent our country Azerbaijan here in the best possible way.

Our community is the only community that represents Azerbaijan as a country on the Steemit platform. Although most of the writers in our community are Azerbaijani and Turkish writers, we are for everyone who produces quality content regardless of their language, religion, gender and race.

Regardless of the language they write, everyone who writes quality content in our Community, within the framework of the rules set by the Steemit Platform and within the framework of the rules specific to our Community, is rewarded by our community's curation account and our other users with a big amount of SP.

community team.png

Our community has 4 management members: admin-@revan746, moderators-@cameron99, @nurengizbagirova and @famil. All management members of our community are from Azerbaijan and they can all speak Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Russian.

Considering all possible worst-case scenarios, our community's management members shared their account passwords with each other. Thus, we are confident in the reliability and security of our community management.

On the other hand, we also considered the possibility of our admin leaving our community. If such a thing happens, our admin will hand over his own admin to one of the current management members, with the votes of everyone in the community through an election.

community curation account.png

The Curation Account of our community is @steem-azerbaijan. This account has a total of 2,390 SP. Of these SP’s, 1830 are delegations and the remaining 560 are its own SP.

steemit azerbaijan profile.png

Our biggest goal is to increase the amount of SP in Our Community Curation Account to such an extent that becomes a fully self-sufficient community. We know this is one of the most essential nuances for our further growth as a community. So, we have a clear plan to reach that goal.

The plan we have determined to increase the amount of SP in the curation account has two main aspects:

  1. Powering Up the post rewards
  2. Almost every day, we share educative posts, forms, contest announcements from our curation account. We use all of the rewards coming from these posts for POWER UP. Only sometimes If needed, a very small portion of incoming rewards is stored in liquid Steem to be distributed in community competitions.

  3. Delegation from the members
  4. We support everyone who joins our community and produces quality content under the Steemit Guidelines and our community-specific rules. We upvote almost every post in our community. Of course, here a question arises: why do we distribute free upvotes?

    We don't actually distribute free upvotes. Our primary goal here is to gain people's trust in Steemit Platform and our community. After more or less one month-support and upvoting, we start to educate those upvoted users on how important SP and delegation is for our community and encourage them for delegation.

    Here is the list of our delegates as follows:

    Deleqator Deleqasiya Miqdarı
    @zaxar22 1005 SP
    @revan746 1000 SP
    @miri 320 SP
    @isa545 215 SP
    @nurengizbagiova 215 SP
    @tortug 120SP
    @elcinaxmed 60 SP
    @yusif79 50 SP
    @aydanismayil 50 SP
    @bayraktar 50 SP
    @orxan-m-50 35 SP
    @ceylanmumoglu 28 SP
    @gulaybagirzade 25 SP

    As we see from the practice, people who trust in the Steemit Platform and having credibility in our community always delegate SP to us after we educate them about the importance of SP. So, The Forming Trust and Credibility is the key here for us!

All of the rewards coming from the posts are used for POWER UP. As we mentioned above, only sometimes If needed, a very small portion of incoming rewards is stored in liquid Steem to be distributed in community contests.

Furthermore, we also have a clear strategy here. In order to fund these contests with less cost, we demand 100 % upvotes from every user who wants to participate in the contest. In this way, we conserve more rewards coming from the posts and dedicate almost all of them to Powering Up.

While all admins and moderators of our community have access to voting, we elected @revan746 for setting and adjusting the voting process.

The current Voting CSI score of @steem-azerbaijan is 3.5 ( 5.85 % self, 101 upvotes, 26 accounts, last 7d ).

As you can see from our plans and strategies above, we give upvote and support to everyone in our community who produce quality content. Furthermore, when the time comes, we start to educate them about the importance of SP delegation and encourage them to delegate SP.

plagiarism & abuse.png

Fortunately, no posts within our Community have received any plagiarism warnings until this time. In fact, this is the result of our regular awareness-raising policies and our individual approach to each post within our community. That is, we urge community members on our Discord and Telegram channels almost every day to be careful about plagiarism and abuse. On top of that, we also regularly share contents about plagiarism and abuse on our Curation Account and Steemit Azerbaijan Youtube channel.

Although all of our management members regularly check the posts shared in our community, we have specifically elected @cameron99 for this task.

We assure you that all images and articles shared in our community are copyrighted. For this purpose, we mostly use Google Search and SmallSeoTool.

engagement & commenting.png

All posts shared within our community are checked daily one by one to avoid plagiarism and abuse, and so, all of our team members try to comment on each checked post as far as we can as well. That's why we cannot say exactly what proportion of the posts we have commented on.

Dear Steemit team, if you want to know, our community members are generally very active in commenting on the posts. Even we open Forms on Sundays of each week to increase engagement, and it really works. Everyone actively participates in these forms, answers the questions and makes a great discussions.

In particular, @orxan-50 and @nurengizbagirova are the most active comment writers in our community. :)

plans & updates.png

Before we reveal all the plans and updates regarding our community, we first discuss with community members on our Telegram and Discord channels. In general, If something new arises, we try to post those updates and plans at each weekend. For example, we announce contests at the weekends through the curation account.

On the other hand, we have recently started to share current crypto news on @smartmtoken in order to give our community members up-to-date information about the cryptocurrencies used in Steemit. Thus, our community members access the latest news about Bitcoin, Steem, SBD and Trx in our native language.

smart media token.png

In general, almost all the plans and updates related to the community are shared by our community curation account - @steem-azerbaijan. Of course, some news might be shared by our team members. For example, we have recently launched "The Voice of Steemit" campaign on Twitter which is shared by our team member @revan746 's account.

We have huge plans for the future of our community. All we need to make our plans come true is the further growth of our community and an increased number of active users. There is more information about our future plans in the Promotion section below.


Promotion is the biggest reason for the growth of our community in this short time. Our promotion strategy has two main ways: 1. Digital way (Digital Marketing), 2. Traditional way (Network Marketing).

We carry out our Digital Marketing policy mostly through two main channels, our Steemit Azerbaijan Facebook page and Steemit Azerbaijan Youtube channel.

Namely, we have a Facebook page to reach more people, and we even advertise on Facebook to introduce The Steemit Platform and our Community to more people. We gained lots of valuable members for our community in this way. :) Also, as mentioned, we have a Youtube channel, here we are trying to teach people how The Steemit Platform works step by step with video tutorials.

Steemit Azerbaijan Youtube Channel.png

On top of this, we invite every new member of our community to our Telegram and Discord channels and individually teach them how Steemit works.

On the other hand, our biggest Promotion plan for Steemit is related to our Traditional Marketing policy. We carry out our Network Marketing policy in two ways.

The first way is that all team members of our community tries to promote The Steemit Platform by face to face conversations whenever we go, either at our workplaces or places we go.

We even started a project to motivate our community members and also increase awareness of Steemit wherever we go. Namely, we made T-Shirts with the logo of Steemit Azerbaijan on the front and the name of our community on the back and started mailing them to the members of our community living in different parts of our country.

It did indeed take on the role of a live, walking advertisement. :) People who see us in this uniform at the streets ask us what Steemit and Steemit Azerbaijan Community are.

Steemit Azerbaijan Application (2).png

The second way is one of our biggest planned promotions for our community. So, we plan to open a cafe called Steem Cafe in Baku, the capital of our country where Steemit Azerbaijan Community members will meet and gather. We even prepared the logo and business plan of the restaurant. Our goal is to raise the Steemit Azerbaijan Community to such a level that we can launch the project in a comfortable way.

Steemit Cafe Logo.png

Payments at the cafe will be made with Steem. We will give big discounts to our community members who come to the cafe and pays the bill with Steem. Without any doubts, this project will dramatically increase the number of our community members and create great interest in The Steemit Platform in Azerbaijan.

We also really hope that before we start this project, the Steemit platform will launch a useful and convenient mobile app like Instagram, so that the user experience with Steemit will increase a lot. It'll definitely make our job much easier.

anything else.png

We think that we, as Steemit Azerbaijan, were able to clearly state our goals, plans and strategies above. If we win this program, it will undoubtedly help us a lot in achieving all these goals we have stated.

Although the majority of our community is made up of Azerbaijanis, we provide support to everyone who produces quality content, regardless of their language, religion or race. That's why there are people in our community who share posts from Turkey, Pakistan, Russia and even Nigeria. We see them all as part of the Steemit Azerbaijan family.

From promotion to educating people about the Steemit Platform, it is entirely the result of our efforts and hard work that Steemit Azerbaijan Community is currently ranked 13th in the "List of Communities according to Subscribers and Active posters"published by @toufiq777.

steemit azerbaijan activity results.png

We are currently drafting this application post with the participation and discussion of all members of our community. Everyone is very enthusiastic and excited. For the past few weeks, all of the community members have been trying to be twice as careful when preparing posts. They prepare the posts more carefully and share carefully crafted posts. So, you can be sure that all posts are shared under the #steemexclusive tag.

Dear Steemit team, we have never won any support program, nor received permanent support from the curators. Only 4-5 times @steemitcurator01 upvoted some posts shared on our curation account.

We hope that you will help us to grow our community and achieve our goals. We have always been on Steemit and will continue to be not just like a community, but also as a family. Whether we win or not. :)


Steemit Azerbaijan Community

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 3 years ago 

I love Steemit. I am really pleased for being a part of this big Steemit Azerbaijan family!

I hope Steemit Team will hear our voice.

Best of luck to us! :)

 3 years ago 

Thanks for these spectacular writing and presentation. I hope that I will join the ranks of active users again as soon as possible.

 3 years ago 

I hope we will win

Best of Luck steemit Azerbaijan family

 3 years ago 

Thank you

Kamran, çox sağ ol, möhtəşəm təqdimat hazırlamısan😍

 3 years ago 

Kamranda da bir az insaf ola, deyə ki, tək etməmişəm.

 3 years ago 

Hamınız var olun. Ciddən, fakt odur ki, bu gün buna müraciət edə biliriksə, topluluğun parçası olan, topluluqda paylaşım edən hər kəsin sayəsindədir. :)

Seviliyorsunuz! :)

Olmaya ee. İnsafı deyirəm))

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

 3 years ago 

Hakkınızda hayırlısını diliyorum. Umarım hakettiğiniz desteği alırsınız ☺️🙏🤗

 3 years ago 

İnşallah. Teşekkür ederis

 3 years ago 

Forward only

 3 years ago 

ALLAH hamımıza kömək olsun. AMİN🤲
Пусть АЛЛАХ(БОГ) поможеть нам. АМИНЬ🤲

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