Get a free copy of my game Unicorn Robot Party by completing this survey before it is too late

Hi guys,

I will be shutting my survey within the next few weeks so if you either have kids of any age, or are a teenager, and would like a free copy of my printable card game Unicorn Robot Party when it is complete, complete this survey: now before it closes.

This survey helps with the formation of a character called Kid AI. The survey responses may be used on cards in the game, used in future apps related to the game, and for the training of an AI that generates room descriptions, punishments for wrongdoing (or sometimes forgiveness) and items. Kid AI is a really smart AI which seems to be combined with a child that is worshipped or at least looked up to by many robots.

What is Unicorn Robot Party?

Unicorn Robot Party is a printable card game aimed at adults that has story, RPG and deckbuilding elements. Topically, the game focuses around robots and unicorns. It also involves the use of dice.

This game is sort of what might result if you were to throw a Choose your own adventure book, an RPG, a robot, a unicorn and a card game into a blender. It has both a Story Co-op mode and a PVP mode. The game is designed to work without the need for any type of game master and the stories are in the similar vein to a Choose your own adventure book.

The game has a Base Game currently in development and it will also have expansions. It is designed to have multiple stories over the Base Game and its expansions with connections between them. Expansions either add extra cards, add a story or in most cases, add both. The games are provided in a digital download format.


Survey Link:

Thank you for reading and thank you to everyone who does my survey.

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