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Football would not be the most popular sport on earth without its huge fanbase. It is therefore the various discussions and banters that make the game of football much more enjoyable. There are many people trooping into our community but only a few are posting contents other than the weekly contests we present. This is therefore an all inclusive platform for all to "talk" about the beautiful game we all love.

We also thought to bring this program due to the outcomes of matches we are currently witnessing. It looks as if the tables are turning amongst many major leagues in the world. Last week, Bayern Munchen lost 4-1 to Hoffenheim in the German Bundesliga, while Man City lost 5-2 to Leicester City. It did not end there. This week, many football fans were totally verklempt by some very rare outcomes. Liverpool lost 7-2 to Aston Villa and Manchester United lost 6-1 to Tottenham Hotspurs. All these might be worth a discussion.

The league talk is not just limited to the above, other leagues such as the Mexican Liga MX, the Spanish La Liga, Venezuelan Primera Division, Turkish Super Lig, etc are all welcome.


  • We expect to see many awesome engagement on this thread. We would like for this to be the official chatroom for our community on the various happening of football that might be ideal for a comment.

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 4 years ago (edited)

I would like to kick things off by starting with the obvious: Aston Villa 7, Liverpool 2. That was a total beatdown. Aside the initial error caused by Adrian, I think the boys from Aston really did the homework on their Anfield boys.

They looked unbeatable but as I always say, liverpool would be in a lot of trouble should some of their key players get injured. Last night's match really proved my point. Should Henderson and Thiago had been on the park, the entire midfield would have changed altogether.

Their forward would have also been a lot stronger with Sadio Mane on the right wing. He is quite aggressive when it comes to forward play and liverpool really needed that last night. Salah is only good for pace and clinical finishing as well.

Let's not forget the efforts made by the Aston Villa players. Newly signed Ollie Watkins was on top form and left no stone unturned. Firminho had the exact same chance that resulted in Watkins' first goal and wasted it. It seems as if he has just become an "assisting striker".

It was an absolute humiliation as Liverpool conceded 3 goals (hat-trick) from a single player within the first 45 minutes. That alone kills the spirit of the defence.

Who could also forget all the nutmegging that took place in the 18 yard box of liverpool. Prior to this, people said they were going to go 10 straight wins without a single draw. I think need to drop that "over confidence" and sign fresh blood after the first round.

I completely agree with you. Aston villa has played out of the world.Most of the people are taking about Liverpools mistakes but they are not thinking about the villas bravery. With 30% ball possession, they scored 7 goals.Unbelievable!!! They made the proper use of the weakness of defence. Livepool cpuld have scored more if sadio played. But nothing can do.Without Allison, Thiago, Henderson, Liverpool tried to play but It wasnt their day. Bad luck!!!

 4 years ago (edited)

I seriously hope this teaches them a great lesson. Klopp needs to sign more players than he did. There is no such thing as an extra player. When the need arises, hell fill in.

They made a lot of money last season so I was surprised to see just a few signings. He is just over confident. He needs to start worring anout Van dijk right now. He's a great defender, possibly the best at his position. But what would happen if he gets injured?

They need to really ponder over that.

You are right. In fact, liverpool needs to buy one more center back. Teams need to play 2-3 matches per week.So its obvious for a player to get injured. I heard Coulibaly will join Liverpool. But it didnt true.
They also needs a backup goalkeeper of Allisson. Adrian is famous for childish mistakes.

 4 years ago 

Koulibaly for Liverpool? Sounds like Gattusso grew a heart. I think it will be very tough for a deal of that nature to succeed. This is because they need him in order to keep their hopes of taking the serie A and Champions league alive.

If there had been a better option on the bench, then I would consider it a likely outcome. Remember how Chelsea suffered to strike a deal for Driss Mertens last season? Similar thing might happen here as well.

It is not impossible since Klopp is famous for being a very good negotiator who make unimaginable deals.

But then again Manchester City has been after the CB for a while now since he is the exact caliber of defense best suited for the style of play. And the aggression dropped after Vicent Kompany left the team.

I think it's going to be tough to see this deal come to light.

I dont think Liverpool will go for any big deal. And today is the last day of transfer window. Still they have 10 days in hand to buy playes from england. I heard Allion is out for one month. If its true, tgen all red may suffer against Everton, Man city and Atalanta.

 4 years ago 

Yeah, you are right about that one. Liverpool is one of the clubs known for paying the least for a great player so I'm sure their deals would be on the low.

If Allison is out for a whole month it might be a problem for Liverpool. But if the defence get back on track in the next week's game, then I think there us no cause for alarm.

Now that Man City has all of its strikers injured, it is going to be tough for them as well. But I expect Atalanta and Everton to give us a good showdown.

I can't wait.

@njaywan I think Liverpool should replace Adrian. They can buy Paulo Gazzaniga.And they need support in defense also. To me, Liverpool vs Atalanta will be the most exciting match of Champions League.What do you think???
#affable #bangladesh #twopercent

Mi opinion va mas de los leido en los diferentes medios especializados en el futbol que de una vision propia del juego.

El canal de deportes que transmite los juegos para Venezuela no paso el del FC. BArcelona - Sevilla.

Segun lei. El juego fue un total desastres para el Barça y uno excelente para el Sevilla.

En la cancha de vio a un Barça cansado, lento, sin ideas, Al parecer todos los jugadores de la media tuvieron el dia malo el mismo dia.

El sevilla mostró su fortaleza defensiva y la marcación a presión desde el área del los azulgranas le sirvió.

De hecho se dice que el Sevilla perdonó la victoria que pudo habérsela llevado en un par de ocasiones.

En los personal, como seguidor culé, no creo que esto deba encender las alarmas del club. Si tomamos en cuenta las estrepitosas caídas de equipos como el Man City, Bayern, Liverpool, Man United, entre otros, pareciera que en el fútbol se están dando situaciones extrañas o de cambios.

Ojo no justifico el empate del Barça sacando que otros equipos grandes perdieron. Eso seria como repetir que el Madrid gana por el VAR, Bueno cai cierto esto, pero no es un justificativo.

Solo comento esto ya que hay juegos que se están dando de manera muy rara en las diferentes ligas.

¿Sera efecto pandemia?. ¿Los jugadores no están a buen nivel por estar en confinamiento o por no tener públicos en los estadios para que los animen?

Lo cierto es que quizás esto haga que los campeonatos sean mas interesante. No siempre en los primeros lugares los mismos. No se. De algo estoy seguro, si esto esta pasando en los grandes campeonatos de Europa, la pregunta es ¿Que pasara el la liga de campeones?

Hasta la proxima...

 4 years ago 

I don't think the lack of fans in the stadium is what is causing the fall of many of the big teams we are seeing @theatrorve. I saw the first match of Barca against Sevilla. I knew it was going to be a tough match as I know a couple player there (example is Lucas Ocampus) who were going to be trouble for Barca.

Their long balls were excellent and they utilized the full width of the pitch. I think they would have won the match had it not been for the slip up they had initially.

I think the Champions league is going to be quite interesting. I am really looking forward to the match between Sevilla and Chelsea. What do you think the score line would be? I think Chelsea would lose that match with their current form. Then again, it all depends on how well they can play together by then.

Kai Havert is not a very fast player so the full backs should learn to marry their gameplay with his. I think Werner would do well with Hudson Odoi's current form.

The "big teams" have started struggling at these early stages already. I can't wait to see them when the are playing several leagues at the same time where many of their players are likely to be injured. I can't wait!


Bro yo si me pude ver el partido. Te apoyo completamente aún no se tienen que encender las alarmas en el Club, recordemos que el Sevilla es un equipo de gran nivel y siempre le ha jugado bien al Barcelona.

Mis observaciones del partido: es que el medio campo estuvo complicado con los errores de Frankie de Jong ,en cuanto a pases fueron garrafales.

Ofensivamente siempre se atacó por el lado izquierdo donde Jordi Alva, Ansu Fati y coutinho, realizaron un buen trabajo.

La duda que siempre me queda es cuándo veremos a Griezmann en su mejor nivel.

Por parte del Sevilla : tengo que resaltar el gran juego de Rakitic tanto por la presión a busquets y De Jong. Destacaría el buen ataque ofensivo de Luuk de Jong que siempre estuvo presionando a defensores Barcelona.

 4 years ago 

Yes, that wasn't the best of games for Frankie De Jong. We've seen him play much better than that so I think his mistakes are forgivable.

If it were left to me, Griezman will be left on the bench. Koeman need a talk about the forward play he is using and some of the players he has released from the club.

No way can Griezman fill the shoes of Suarez at Barca and Ousman Dembele was a much better forward the Griezman. He still lacks the confidence he needs to be clinical at forward play.

I really admired Rakitic's gameplay against Barcelona. He wanted to prove a point just like Coutinho did when he was loaned to Baryern. I also loved the way their long balls clicked as well.

I'm sure Sevilla will be a tough one to beat this season.

Si, para mi De Jong es una gran apuesta para el equipo y se le perdona los errores que cometió.

Para mí también se quedaría en el banquillo. Creo que Koeman está haciendo renovaciones, apuesta a la juventud y lo que me molesta es que no está tomando en cuenta para nada a Riqui Puig ya que es un jugador muy desequilibrante.

Para mi Rakita y Suarez tenían mucho que ofrecer al Barcelona por lo menos una temporada mas.

 4 years ago 

Letting Suarez go was totally uncalled for. Can't you see how well his career has kicked off at Atletico?

Now Barca needs to sort things out, both in the midfield as well as the forward. Another problem I find with Barca is that Messi continues to be the team's playmaker.

What if he's not at his best. What happens then? I think the pivot should change now that Coutinho is back. He could also help out with that.

Bro , si fue totalmente innecesario la salida de Suárez. Pero tristemente son decisiones técnicas y solo nos toca desearle buena suerte.

Si tiene que arreglar las cosas tanto en la defensa, medio campo y delantera.

Con la llegada de Coutinho si me gustaria verlo ejerciendo ese Rol.

Good to see all the progress in the Community.

We will try to support as many posts here as possible.

Maybe you could do a 'Pick of the Day' type post with two or three of the best posts that come in each day so we know which ones to vote on first.

Try that for a couple of weeks to see how it goes if you have the time. Post on @worldoffootball in 100% Power Up and we can help build up your SP as well.

Maybe encourage people to delegate to @worldoffootball as some other communities are now doing (@SteemitFoods / @BestofIndia). Give those delegators badges maybe and we will try to vote on their posts preferentially.

Will you be running any sort of Fantasy League?

Also maybe a Twitter campaign promoting the Community on Twitter...

"Become a Steem Soccer Star in the World of Football Community"

Thank you

The Steemit Team

 4 years ago 

A pick of the day post will surely bring out many great contents here in our community and will boost the morale of our good content creators as well.

All our rewards have now been set to the 100% power up so our steem power will definitely be rising with your support.

I will start the delegation process and encourage our MODs to do the same. Once we have our badges, we will make our 'call for delegation' post. That will encourage users to follow suit.

A fantasy football league sounds great but there are many ongoing leauges. We will need to come up with a fantasy scoring system that will cover every major league. I'm sure we will come up with something.

For the twitter promotion, I think we can set aside a day for that. Perhaps 'Twitter Monday'. It is just a thought but I'm sure with careful deliberation, we will come up with a good idea.

Thank you for all the support Steemit Team.

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