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Is it necessary for clubs to sign high profile players each season?

It has become the order of the day that many are the clubs that have the habit of signing at least one high profile player every season. By so doing, you they bring in lots of media hype and generate massive fans. However, we have also seen home bred talents that have also grown right from academies into big names. Do you think this habit of signing prominent players is necessary? Explain your reasoning.

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 4 months ago 

To me I believe it's good and necessary to have at least 40 or 50% of your team squad be a star and high profile player.
The presence, skill, talent and experience that a star player will bring to a club can't be compared to anything.

That's why I prefer to have a team with star players, youth or academy graduate players, so that they can both learn and grow with each other.
In football no matter how talented or good or big you are, you still need that hunger to keep you going. That's why a ayer like Ronaldo, Messi, will always have a positive influence in a team. Plus when they play with young talented hungry players, they can both push each other to new highs.

Of course having a star player in your team can go two ways, either positive or negative.
An example of negative is Aubameyang who became arrogant, lazy and starts losing focus just because he thinks he his un touchable or changeable in the Arsenal squad. Now that he his serving his punishment, the likes of martinelli are stepping up quite well in filling his shoes.

An example of positive influence is when Zlatan ibrahimovic went to LA Galaxy in USA, immediately he got there, there winning sense and fighting mentality changed. Although he might be controversial in his ways, but he still had a good influence on the team and player in helping them increase their standards.

So it is good and necessary to make high profile signing but it must be well managed and not overly done. Thank you.

 4 months ago 

Excellent points. It definitely improves the team's momentum. Thank you.

 4 months ago 

Yeah, looking forward to the next challenge.

Hi, thanks to @worldoffootball for this great opportunity to share our opinions on this short contest.

In my opinion, I will say it’s good but not necessary to sign high profile players each season in a club.
A high profile player is a player who has made name, thus fame, being recognized by the whole world. Example, Lionel Messi, C.Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe etc. They are all good players.

Signing high profile players doesn’t guarantee the success of a club. For instance, PSG signed Lionel Messi and everybody expected them to beat any team that comes their way, but they were been beaten by Man City, and beaten by other clubs.

So I will say it’s good to sign high profile players and other potential players to help build the squad. Let’s take Man City for example, they don’t have such famous players in their team but they are able to win and win their matches, and currently topping the EPL.
All a team need is to build their squad randomly, not on any player. So that in the absence of that player they can function and function well.

So I will say it’s not necessary but good to sign high profile players, cause it also bring name to the club. Hence it’s in two folds.

Thank you…🙏🏾🙏🏾

 4 months ago 

Great examples. It is good to see high profile players in your team too. Thank you.

 4 months ago 

Its only normal that a player will be regarded as a high profile player when he plays at the top level consistently. As long as a player plays a the top level his market value begins to increase value and then that is when we will see the big names such as real Madrid, city and Chelsea run after that player because he has done it somewhere and they know that getting the player into their squad is a massive improvement to their squad.

To me signing a high profile player is beneficial in many ways and not just on the pitch. For example signing the likes of Ronaldo means that the club will have sponsorship deal worth millions of dollars, other young talents will want to join the club and most importantly he carries goals and the swag into a team that will generally improve around him.

 4 months ago 

You make a great point here. Thank you.

This is certainly a difficult answer to answer because there are several factors involved.

I particularly think it is necessary to a certain extent, if a team has the ability to sign outstanding players per season they should do so to strengthen their roster, but when they reach the point of one outstanding player per position it would no longer be necessary to focus the priority of signings on this small group of outstanding players, but focus on giving depth to the roster with players that can do a good job on the field without the need to be celebrities.

In this way I think you would have a strong balance between starters and substitutes without affecting the performance of your players. To cite a current example, what is the need for PSG to sign both Keylor and Donnaruma, both can be starters, that rather than fostering competitiveness hurts the squads, and affects the play of both goalkeepers.

 4 months ago 

Great points. It would be good to use their finances to their advantage.

Yo opinó, que si es necesario que los Clubes fichen a jugadores de alto nivel, para así poder tener un nivel de competencia más alto. Pero no todos los Clubes cuentan con recursos suficiente para firmar a jugadores de alto nivel, pero eso mas que todo los que firman son jugadores que rinden y ademas que todo sirven de marketing por ejemplo para vender franelas, para posicionar al equipo con publicidad, muchas veces hay equipo que no tienen tanto dinero para adquirir ese tipo de jugadores que son costosos y entonces compran jugadores que estadísticamente son muy rendidores pero no son muy nombrados por lo tanto no salen tan caros todo depende la capacidad económica de cada equipo, hay clubes que se interesan en 1 o 2 jugadores por temporada de alto nombre para buscar mantener el equipo lo mas publicitado posible.

 4 months ago 

We must surely consider our strengths before going forward to sign players. Thanks.

For me I think is necessary for clubs to sign high profile players each season because for a team to be able to compete at the highest level,they need high profile signings that will get the job done for them and deliver trophies if they are financially stable. For example is Manchester City who sign high profile players each season and since then ,they have been dominant in the EPL for years now.thanks

 4 months ago 

Good point.

I appreciate

It is not necessary to sign high profile player every season but most times it is necessary to make some changes when the season is over to strengthen the area on leakage.

Some big clubs will fancy their chances of going for the big names but on the long run, this high profile player do not even create impact when their attention is added at the big stage. Most times i believe is to give credit to the homebase players because they live up to expectations and will do everything to deliver at the biggest stage if given the chance to deliver.

 4 months ago 

Home based talents must definitely be recognized too. Thank you.

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