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Which Football trophy is the most difficult to attain and why?

Nowadays, many players crave for some titles such as the champions league, the World Cup, Copa America and the likes. This is because they have dreamt of it for sometime but still haven't been able to attain it. In your opinion, which of them is the most difficult to attain?

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 4 months ago 

Undoubtedly the prestigious FIFA world cup.
The uniqueness and scarcity of the tournament makes it really tough.

There are lots of reasons it is difficult to win, like;

  • Hard Qualifying Stages
    The first thing I would like to start with is how hard it is to qualify for the world cup. A team will have to participate and battle other teams to be able to get a spot in the world cup tournament.
    For example in Africa, teams are divided 4 each in different group, and only one team can qualify, After that one teams qualify, another knockout matches will be played by the teams to know the few who will be playing at the world cup.

  • Level of Competition
    The level of Competition in the tournament is one of the toughest if not the toughest. Over 32 different national teams from different continent facing each other. Teams consisting of the best of the best player from each countries, they come not only to play football but to represent the dignity and integrity of millions of people in their country. The pressure, the expectations, the momentum is really mind blowing.

  • Scarcity
    What I mean by scarcity is that it is only played once every 4 years, so a player can only play maybe maximum of 4 or 5 times in their career, this makes it really hard or impossible for every star player to win it. For example Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi despite being outstanding in club victorys and achievement they haven't been able to win the world cup, and now it's obvious this world cup would be their last. So that means either one of them wins or both of them won't win a world cup in their career.

With this few points i hope I have been able to convince and not to confuse you that the world cup is the most difficult cup to win.

 4 months ago 

Those are some quality reasoning. Thank you.

 4 months ago 

Thanks for the challenge.

 4 months ago 

If you are playing in the France national league winning the World Cup might be an easy task but playing in a team like Ghana makes it really tough for you to think of winning the World Cup.

Being in an African team will probably mean that your chances of winning an African cup is easier than winning a world trophy. This brings me to my decision that it depends on the national team you are in.

Winning the World Cup is the dream of most footballers and it feels like a huge achievement to do so. The prestige in winning the World Cup is worth more than any trophy in this world so I am backing the World Cup to be the most difficult not only because it is preferred by all players but because every nation participates and every players wants to give out his best thus making it really competitive.

 4 months ago 

The team you’re playing with definitely affects your chances. Thank you.

The World Cup is the most difficult to win in sports.
The World Cup is much difficult to win because it is only played in four years and also Tho teams(England,Ghana, Germany and the rest) don’t get time to train like they do in their clubs(training is only done when there’s going to be the tournament that is the World Cup). It’s difficult to adapt to a different team when you aren’t completely sure what your teammates are going to be doing on the field.
Mostly they’re always new selections so it’s sometimes difficult to cope till you play your first match especially.
Both champions league and World Cup have different level of competition. I will go in for fifa World Cup because champions league is quite easy to predict with the some one or two teams that will win the tournament.

 4 months ago 

That’s a good point you’ve raised here.

For me I think is the World Cup because at club level ,so clubs has loads of good players that will easily challenge and win trophies such as the UCL and their domestic league for instance is Bayern Munich. But in country side the have limited number of good players and this makes it difficult for them to challenge and win the World Cup.

 4 months ago 

It is a tough challenge indeed.

But World Cup remains the most difficult and hard to attain trophy in football

 4 months ago 

We can't say each trophy is the most difficult to attain because each team have their own vision about the trophy they want. If you ask a player like Mbappe, he will tell you that the most difficult trophy to attain is the UEFA champions League, the same question goes to Lionel Messi, he will say that the most difficult one is the World Cup trophy because each trophy isn't easy to attain.

And I don't think any trophy can be characterized as being the most difficult to attain. All trophies are really hard to attain.

Thank you

 4 months ago 

Sure, thanks

For me I think is the World Cup because at club level ,so clubs has loads of good players that will easily challenge and win trophies such as the UCL and their domestic league for instance is Bayern Munich. But in country side the have limited number of good players and this makes it difficult for them to challenge and win the World Cup

 4 months ago 


El Trofeo mas difícil de alcanzar sin duda alguna es la Copa del Mundo. El Mundial porque compiten alrededor de 244 países de los cuales solamente con la misma regla que se mantiene, van solo 32 a participar y son muchos futbolista que desearían tener ese trofeo, ya que es muy difícil quedar en una selección, por ejemplo Brasil ya que tiene mas de 200 millones de habitantes y solamente van 23 jugadores, imagínese nada más estar entre esos 23 y ganar un Mundial por eso es el trofeo más difícil de GANAR.

 4 months ago 

Good answer. Thanks.

I personally think that, as most people will agree the world cup is the most gruesome and difficult trophy there is to achieve. This cup has made many nations cry and feel depressed and has even made people's blood pressure rise to the extent of being admitted, and if this happens people in the people of the nation, imagine the pressure that is being mounted on players to make it to the top. This makes all national teams perform at their utmost best to make their countries proud which makes it the most difficult trophy with even at the qualification stages which is full of suspense and drama.

The time between each world cup is very vast that is 4 years giving countries enough time to train to be at the best. Plenty of resources has been invested into helping teams make it to the finals hence bringing the cup home. This trophy is undoubtedly the toughest trophy to attain.

The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious cup on this planet that everyone wants to get their hands on. The difficult of doing that is involved tremendous. Out of all the countries in the countries in the world only one country can lift that cup. Most players would go through their career without even getting the chance of playing in the world cup. This goes to show how much people desire such a trophy.

But in relative terms every trophy that a team or a set of players has never won would be the most difficult trophy to the player or team. I can conclude on this basis that all trophies are difficult to win but the world cup is the ultimate trophy of the world and it has the most recognition. There fore I conclude that it is the most difficult trophy to win as it stands.

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