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What Is The Best Form Of Gameplay?

In football, there are many ways managers tend to tackle their opponents. Some use an all out attacking approach whiles others use defensive strategies. Others stick to tiki taka, counter attacks and many more. What do you think is the best form of gameplay?

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 4 months ago 

I think tiki taka is the best form of game play. This is one of the most enjoyable moments of the game of play. Few are the reasons why i prefer tiki taka,

  1. It gives you uper hand in the game. This is because the playing tiki taka make you hold the ball in almost all the position, gives you the energy to dictate the pace of the game.

  2. It requires less momentum as compared with other styles of game play. Playing this style of the game reserve more energy because almost all the players on the field will be involve.

  3. It renders your opponent useless and confuse. Playing this style of the game of football will cause you opponents to be running up and down as if they do not know what they are about on the field. This is what I termed as useless.

 4 months ago 

These reasons certainly inspired the style. Thank you.

 4 months ago 

My pleasure

 4 months ago (edited)

The styles or forms of play can give results in the long or short term, as these can prevail for a certain time in a club, for example, there are clubs that have implemented certain methodologies or styles of play for years, on the other hand, there are styles of play that are used in a desperate way to try to get results.

Defensive styles of play are usually part of a style of play that is used in a desperate way or as a last option, but this does not mean that it does not give results, just remember the Champions League champion of 2012 (Chelsea), but they are not really the best option.

From my point of view there are only 2 styles of play that can prevail for years in a team, as these are worked on in training, these are the Tiki Taka and the counterattacking game in the latter style, the match gives opportunities to the 2 teams to attack and defend.

As they say, the best defence is attack, the Tiki Taka is a game where a club can increase possession and not leave freedom to the opponent, in the counterattack game we can also consider it effective, as long as the players manage to have a good percentage of success in front of goal, the counterattack game can become attractive to spectators, as the ball circulates to both sides.

Although there are other styles of play, these are combinations of the basic styles or forms of play and depend on other factors, for this reason I consider that the Tiki Taka and the counterattacking game are the best that can be used in a club, but these must be practiced quickly, effectively and fluently to get results in the match.

 4 months ago 

Those are quite popular nowadays. Thank you

 4 months ago 

The game of football is always changing towards different tactics and plans. An ideal gameplay first of all depends on the kind of players available to a manager. Apart from the the type of players, the type of manager involved too is a factor. For instance, you can’t have pep as a manager and expect that your team will play counter attacking football. Like wise you can’t have Mourinho as your manager and expect that you will play tiki taka football.

For a team to play great attacking and possessive game you will need players who are young and skilful players who are not afraid to hold the ball and look for spaces in between the oppositions defence.

For a counter attacking style you will need very quick players who can ram back when they are under attack and run forwards with pace when they have the ball.

The game of football has changed from the counter attacking to the possession style of play where managers have realised that the best form of defence is to have the ball always and the best form of attack is when you also have the ball. So I think the best type of gameplay is the possessive type of playing.

 4 months ago 

Great reasoning. Thank you

For me I think is tiki taka approach because it helps the players to have more of the ball and showcase their quality, for eg is pep in Manchester city who plays tiki taka and entertaining football too.

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