Forming a new community in agriculture to recruit and invite farmers to be creative in steemit

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greetings to all of us and greetings on one platform in this media


I made an initiative to promote people with farming backgrounds in rural areas to take part in pouring their skills in their fields, namely on the steemit platform by building a steem.farmer community as land or media for them.

  • The vision and mission of establishing this steem farmer community is

vision: develop an understanding of fellow steemians in the field of agriculture in the community that has been formed

mission: recruit and guide newcomers through rural farming communities that are more direct.

In addition to being a gathering place in this community, it is also a place to share information about agriculture, just like their other social media, As it has been seen that the steemit platform is more viral and develops only in urban areas, and I ventured to bring this platform to the public. rural areas far from urban areas to provide a new atmosphere for people with farming backgrounds.

From this small thing I hope that steemit will develop in the countryside as I hope with friends, I see a lot of agricultural potential that we can develop through the steemit platform, share information with fellow farmers and stay in touch with fellow farmers, and can explore their abilities as existing farmers in other communities on this platform.

As an admin, I hope that the steemit team will support this community, so that this community can develop in agriculture in all regions

There is so much potential that we can develop in agriculture on this steemit platform, because there are so many commodities that can be discussed in this community, especially the Asian region with the survey I did, the farmers have self-taught knowledge, with this opportunity I hope the media platform steemit through the steem.farmer community, it is usually a place to share knowledge and help each other for the progress of agriculture in their respective regions.

thus I really hope to all colleagues who participate in the development of this steem.farmer community to support and encourage those who participate in this community.

to the steemit team I really hope to provide support to the community that I just built. and provide constructive input for this community.

This community was built on deliberations with newcomers whose backgrounds are farmers in real life. On this occasion the community that was built to increase the interest of newcomers in the agricultural area, such as the area I live in (Bener Meriah) in general, the population is farmers, with a promo that we will do with the hope that it will have an impact on the wider community, so that they will understand better. the importance of the steemit platform for a better life gradually

Sorry if in my delivery there is something that is less pleasing or cannot be understood.


Regards @fajar.perangin79
Steem.farmer discord


Postingan yang luar biasa, ini akan menjadi projeck yang luar biasa untuk promo-steem ke depan

Terima kasih @green07 atas dukungannya, semoga seperti keinginan kita semua, komunitas ini berjalan lancar

@green07, if you wish, delegate to the community curator some of your steem power for the betterment of this community. thanks from @farmcurator

Thank you so much, perlahan akan berkembang

Terima kasih @nazarul , mohon dukungan

Saya mendukung untuk sebuah komunitas petani di steemit. Kerja bagus pak.

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