Testing out the "Cross-Share" Functionality for Communities from Steem Peak

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I was soooo excited to hear that @steempeak had a cross share functionality for communities because that has honestly been one of my biggest complaints so far - that you can't share posts into a community if they weren't originally created there. Yes, you can share from a community to a blog, but not the other way around.

This presents a little bit of a problem for the Steem Sister Show - because obviously I want to have our shows land here in the community - but if I'm posting on a video sharing platform like @dtube or @threespeak, then there is no way to share into our community because it will automatically go into those respective communities first.

So I was all stoked to try this functionality in Steempeak... but the results were far from what I was expecting.

Here's what it did:

This is a cross post of @steemsistershow/p6onjdw5r0w by @steemsistershow.


Apparently it isn't like a "re-steem" but instead makes an entire new post that just links back to your old post - but without any of the text/images. I guess this is just a learning curve as I paly around and test out the functionalities of communities. I was pretty excited when I heard about this feature on Steem Peak - but it definitely isn't something I'll be using for now until it's a little more robust and can avoid creating a separate post.

Aside from my surprise to see this trigger a brand new post, I hope this information will be helpful for people who have been curious about that feature but haven't used it yet. As you can see, it simply creates a short text post linking back to the original.

Thanks for your patience with me as I test all these new features out! It will be a little rough here and there - but i'm super excited to be getting this community up and running! 💕

XO, @coruscate


I keep seeing you guys on Youtube during the Discover commercial.. Nice job!

haha that's awesome!!

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