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There are many rules and regulations to work well on this platform. But I don't know if there exists any rule yet that about spreading any kind of false information or defamation to down someone's reputation down, It's also called a crime.

It is not very easy to get a position or a very good reputation on this platform. Moreover, if someone tries to bring down that reputation and spreads wrong information intentionally, then it is completely called a crime. And we cannot be associated with this crime as a sincere member of Steemit.

It is a crime to spread false information about anything without knowing it accurately. And the reason I mention this again and again is that some members of this platform share wrong information about many reputable people just for their own benefits.


And if anyone shares wrong information about me and my work, I will immediately break all ties with him/her. So before sharing any information about me & my work here, first know it. Because, I am not a person to be involved in any crime.

Avoid such activities. And of course we do not support anyone who engages in such activities.

Today I got to know from a source that one of my projects @shy-fox has been included in bid-bot's list. However, those of you who know me very well know how big a lie this is.

Since 2021. I have been manually curating posts via @shy-fox. No Steemit user has any delegation in this account. I just delegated myself.

No delegation or anything else is required to curate a user's post. It is completely a free curation project. Posts are curated for free & manually . No delegation rewards are given to any user from this account also. It's completely a non-profit project.

So if it is a bid-bot then the @steemcurator01 account & all of its associates are also bid-bot.

Anyone can use steemworld.org or any other tool to verify the authenticity of the information I shared about @shy-fox.

I built the @shy-fox project two years ago by spending five million dollars from my own pocket. To support people for free. I never expected good praise for this, it is true, but neither did I expect false censure.


Thanks to @o1eh (WOX team) & @alejos7ven (Cotina & Steem-Seven) for spreading fake info about @shy-fox :(

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 last year 

Without knowing the details of the intention of a person and his projects how someone can do such illegal thing of spreading falls information and defeming others. It's obviously a crime.

@shy-fox is a project which is not powering down anymore in the history of its creation as far I know. All the users are restricted to delegate in this @shy-fox account project. It's completely free service by @rme dada to support quality posts of general users. All the posts curated by @shy-fox is not auto generated bot rather it's a manual curation projects by checking the quality of the post by a huge team including @rme dada.

How funny it is to say that is a bid bot project. Shame on such a liars.

Concern people, Please don't spread false information and hate speech about @rme

He is a kind ♥ man. We are very lucky that the man like @rme is in steemit. Its a luck for steem blockchain. Mass users are freely getting benefits of quality blogging because this kind ♥ man is here.

Dear concern, please don't point out anyone withing knowing details.

 last year 

It is 100% true that there are no skilled users, investors, philanthropists like @RME.

 last year 

Obviously and its true that @rme dada is an asset for the whole steem team. And his importance in steemit cannot be described in words. Is there man who is always thinking about the betterment of steem.

 last year 

No doubt you are right bro.

Completely agree with you...

bhai... can someone help me understand how this platform works.... I'm new...

 last year 


Please help him if possible to find the way. Thanks.

thank you... I think I ran out of SP...

 last year 

Hello @freetherasta
Amar Bangla Blog is a community of Bengali speaking only. Members of any country other than India and Bangladesh are not accepted in my Bangla blog. We request you to post to our other community Beauty of Creativity or Tron Fan Club, Link below
where you will have the opportunity to post in English. I hope you understand. Thank you.

long story... Bangladeshi expat... asi... bangla buji... just porthe pari na... so asi.. a part of this beautiful community... bangla google translate kore atleast introduction diye, chesta kori please... I love BANGLA! Can't read though... speaking... boli ar ki...

 last year 

আমি দুঃখিত, কমিউনিটি নিয়মের বাহিরে আমার কিছুই করার নেই।

কোন সমস্যা নেই. বাংলা আমার বিশুদ্ধ আবেগ, কি বলবো, আমি ভাষা ভালোবাসি আর বাংলায় কথা বলতে ভালোবাসি। কোন সমস্যা নেই, শুধু বাংলাদেশী স্টিম এবং ক্রিপ্টো সম্প্রদায়কে হাই বলতে চেয়েছিলাম! আমি আপনাকে বা এই সম্প্রদায়কে আর বিরক্ত করব না, যেহেতু আমি বাংলা পড়তে পারি না। ধন্যবাদ. সিথ.

Hi phantom

Today I was very shocked and sad, you have removed all your witness voices to me.
It took me a while to understand what had happened and I have read your post

Spreading false info & trying to down someone's reputation is also called a crime

I spoke to my moderator @o1eh about this, it's unfortunate that shy-fox was mentioned in that list on the booming channel.
I understand that you can then get angry, but this could probably be solved in another way than removing your witness voices to me.

@o1eh is a good person and he apologizes for making a mistake on that list. I brought him in as a moderator in wox a short while ago because he has done a lot of good for our community and steemit.

I would ask you nicely to reconsider voting for my witness again, even though @o1eh is one of my moderators

You know how much I work with steem/steemit for us to succeed on this platform.

I apologize again for what happened and hope you see me as a witness who deserves to be in the top 20

You have blocked me on discord, that's why I wrote this in a comment to you

This started with a list of bid-bots that one of my moderators posted on the booming channel on discord where @shy-fox was mistakenly mentioned on that list
I am innocent in this and apologize for what has happened

 last year 

Check my DM please :)

Sir aap kese ye sab viral kar te ho tip and tricks batavo love for India

how do you DM... please help man... New to this platform...

 last year 

okay, I am now forwarding your message to our founder @rme.
Thank you & be patient.
I hope everything should be fixed soon.

Thank you, appreciate it

Привет всем!
To be honest, I have never crossed paths with @shy-fox, but judging by the reviews of commentators, he is a great guy, deserves the respect and support of all users.
On the other hand, I've known @o1eh for a long time. He is also a good guy, an active user, engaged in manual curation and promotion of Steemit in other social networks.

I am inclined to assume that there was a mistake on his part and he had no malicious intent to defame someone.
Recently, work has been activated on the platform to identify plagiarism, texts using AI, there is a negative attitude towards the use of bots. The tools that allow you to work with this information cannot be perfect and, according to formal signs, any user can be attributed to the negative side. I think that's exactly what happened here - a misinterpretation of the test results.

I agree, any person who is busy identifying violations should be careful in their conclusions and make them based on cross-information.
But I repeat, in this case, most likely there was no malicious intent.

Если говорить честно, то я ни разу не пересекался с @shy-fox, но судя по отзывам комментаторов, он отличный парень, заслуживает уважения и поддержки всех пользователей.
С другой стороны я давно знаю @o1eh. Он тоже хороший парень, активный пользователь, занимается ручной курацией и продвижением Steemit в других соцсетях.

Я склонен допустить, что с его стороны произошла ошибка и он не имел злого умысла кого-то опорочить.
В последнее время на платформе активировалась работа по выявлению плагиата, текстов с использованием AI, есть негативное отношение к использованию ботов. Инструменты, которые позволяют работать с этой информацией не могут быть совершенны и по формальным признакам любого пользователя можно отнести в негативную сторону. Думаю, что здесь произошло именно это - неверное истолкование результатов проверки.

Согласен, любому человеку, который занят выявлением нарушений, надо быть осторожным в своих выводах и делать их на основе перекрёстной информации.
Но я повторюсь, в данном случае скорее всего не было злого умысла.

It is a pity statements like that.

There are many things that must be considered before providing information.

For anyone, it seems necessary to apply observation, analysis, confirmation, clarification, and judgment.

Do not be too easy to accuse and make decisions unilaterally.

In fact, this is a manual curated project with a professional operational system, I've been reviewing this for a long time.

there is only one person @rme , who is supporting steemit user without any face looking. i great appreciate @rme all project. it is also a big crime to present wrong information without verifying the correct information. i am very sad , why people spread wrong information about great people @rme ...@rme is doing great job, he is role model for us here.

 last year 

They must have other intentions as they spread such rumours. They are jealous of your success.

 last year 

I think it is a very sad and deplorable act, it is also a big crime to present wrong information without verifying the correct information. Presenting false information in someone's name is an attempt to damage his reputation.

 last year 

It takes a lot of effort to build the reputation of an organization, an individual or a project. A lot of hard work and effort is required. If someone suddenly comes and spreads any false information, it can damage the reputation very badly. That's why such activities are really unacceptable.

 last year 

I felt very bad for this matter , dada . It is not good to spread false slander on your name like this. And we have known you for almost 2 years. You can't do that at all . We all believe you , dada .

To support people for free.
Good morning to all and especially to my great friend @hungry-griffin, he is a good colleague and he helps people in need on this platform from the bottom of my heart, I am aware of this and I attest to this, so don't be divulging something that you are not, Stop envy because you don't need to be cheating or stealing from anyone, rather it is the complete opposite of what you do is help and help. my friend god bless you for me you have done a good job .....
Sincerely your faithful friend @ oscardavid79

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