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What is Steem Aliance ?

Steem Alliance is a community both in STEEMIT & DISCORD platform. It's a community for all Steemit entrepreneurs to come together. Nowadays, a good relationship between Steemit entrepreneurs is very important if any blockchain related venture is to succeed. A place where all of us blockchain and crypto entrepreneurs can meet and exchange our ideas, share our knowledge on various proposals and developments.

We also want everyone in the admin panel of all currently active Steemit communities here. Then a good relationship will be established between all the communities, which is very much needed now. I believe that if all community administrators don't have good relationship then this platform will never improve. And to build good relationship we need to come together. This is the purpose of opening this community. Also the content of community posts will be any new idea of about this platform, discussion, proposal, new thinking about platform or specific community etc. That is related to the improvement of this platform.

Now, what should we do to make Steemit successful & great again?

The first thing that needs to be done for this is to popularize Steemit. Popularity is the only key to all success. And what do we have to do to make Steemit popular?

Well, I think we can emphasize the following 10 points –

01. Development of all existing and active communities on Steemit.

02. Keeping Steemit free from all forms of abuse including plagiarism and spamming.

03. Ensuring support for good content creators.

04. Fostering interaction between all Steemit users and community admin moderators.

05. Online and Offline Promotion of Steemit. Various types of social media can play an important role in this regard.

06. Launching Affiliate Promotion and Marketing for Steemit.

07. Creating different types of Dapps on the Steemit blockchain and popularizing them.

08. Widely promoting Steemit among all small, big and medium crypto entrepreneurs and creating good opportunities for investment.

09. Integrating Steemit into more and more decentralized exchanges. And making steemit tokens available for NFT, DAO, Defi, Yield Farming as well.

10. A lot of Steemit platform development, good relationship between witnesses and a lot of investment is required. We want to hire blockchain developers to improve it extensively, witness participation in various development activities and attract crypto investors, creating profitable investment opportunities for them.

Finally, we focus three main things -
1. Marketing & Promotion : Online and offline marketing, affiliation and promotion to popularize Steemit at all levels
2. Development: Developing in the Steemit ecosystem and building various popular applications on top of its blockchain
3. Investment: Taking all sorts of steps to attract crypto investors.

Our community "STEEM ALIANCE" is dedicated to discussing all of the above.

"STEEM ALIANCE" steemit community link to join : LINK

"STEEM ALIANCE" discord community link to join : LINK

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আজকের টার্গেট : ৫০০ ট্রন জমানো (Today's target : To collect 500 trx)

তারিখ : ২২ ফেব্রুয়ারি ২০২৩

টাস্ক ১৮৫ : ৫০০ ট্রন ডিপোজিট করা আমার একটি পার্সোনাল TRON HD WALLET এ যার নাম Tintin_tron

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TX ID : 5965606825fabf7af5534a70bce41fb9efe61665e44409b2d8c7bf8535a8b032

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এই পোস্টটি যদি ভালো লেগে থাকে তো যে কোনো এমাউন্ট এর টিপস আনন্দের সহিত গ্রহণীয়

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Are you part of the Steemit team?
When I leave a reply to their posts, I never get an answer and that makes me think they are disrespectful considering that I have been an active member of this platform longer than anybody else.
You see, the problem with Steemit is the kind of events that are promoted.
Investors, developers, and witnesses should be the first to show their talents and skills if they have any.
I have just announced this initiative, https://steemit.com/hive-118409/@donatello/i-would-like-to-see.

A very important tool - Communities on Steemit need their own token especially when they are not supported by the Steemit team and the platform. Anytime https://steem-engine.net will stop working and people who invested in tokens in order to support their favourite communities will no longer be able to do that. We need a group of developers who are willing to create a DeFi exchange where all the tokens based on the STEEM blockchain will be moved and supporters and traders can start trading again.

Thank you for the interesting post!

 last year (edited)

Yes, you are right. We need to develop smart contracts based on the Steem blockchain. so that everyone can create a Token easily.
We've already thought about that. Thanks for your reply.

Steem price will grow exponentially when steemians can create new tokens and trade the existing ones.
Thank you for stopping by!


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Thank you, I appreciate your support.

 last year 

Anytime https://steem-engine.net will stop working and people who invested in tokens in order to support their favourite communities will no longer be able to do that.

I think so too. They can stop their activities. It would be great if a new one was created jointly. Different projects / communities can create their own tokens.

Thank you for your reply!
To have just one DeFi exchange would be good, two Defi exchanges would be great.

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 last year 

Thank you 🥰

 last year 

If this initiative is successful, this platform will gain more popularity. Popularity is very important for success in any field of work. Dada has taken a lot of thoughtful planning for every rule is very important. I hope the new community will progress well.

 last year 

Thank you very much, we will do our best for the new community

Amazing steps ahead for betterments of steemit platform. And in steemit platform there will be a platform for all entrepreneurs/whales & (steem investors) of the platform. Great keep going @rme sir.

 last year 

Thank you for your response. @rme dada is always trying to do something for the betterment of the steemit platform.

Actually you know, I really like the word used in Bengali language "dada" it's for big brother right?

 last year 

You are absolutely right.

Then thank you very much dada, for replying me.

Hi @rme,
my name is @ilnegro and I voted your post using steem-fanbase.com.

Come and visit Italy Community

 last year (edited)

Thanks for your support but here we are talking about something very important.

 last year 

If we can convert all these points into reality, then I can say with 100% certainty that this platform is bound to improve. Because the first thing needed for any platform to develop is marketing and everyone coming together. Hopefully. We all do the same.Because Unity is strength.

This is a welcomed development. I so much love the aspect of fostering good relationships among steemit community owners.

Sharing ideas will really move steemit forward.

Supporting marketers both online and offline will really help them to really market steemit both to content creators and to crypto investors.

I am in support of this project. Though I am currently taking care of my situation, I will be back once am done to resume my activities fully.

I am an admin/founder of steem kids and parents community which is still active.

Steemit promotion has been my niche and I will be willing to resume. Thank you once again for coming with this. It will surely go well for all of us.

 last year 

Thank you very much. Our aim is to unite all active community admins and moderators and create a cohesive team, welcome.

That is a welcomed development and I am in support. Let's do it together

 last year 

By working together, this platform will improve much faster.

 last year 

Promotion is very important part. And we really need Steemit promotion. If we do it together we can achieve great things. Welcome to STEEM ALLIANCE.

You are very right. It is key to the growth of every ecosystem. Through it, you can get all what you want - investors, developers, great content creators and others. Promoters only need to be supported. Often times during my promotion in 2022, I spent my own earnings to support the promoters with me. But it was worth all efforts. I wish to resume as soon as I am able to resume writing.

Thank you for the warm welcome dear

 last year 

Thank you for your response. Actually it's pretty neat that you've invested time and STEEM earnings for Steemit promotion. 🙏🏾🥰

I've always appreciate and love what ever initiative brought up by @rme... The focus should be more on development, this will birth usecase, usecase/utilization will aid the marketing or promotion of Steem faster, this will then help to bring in potential invetsors. How about considering the above suggestions?

Thank you!

 last year 

Thanks for your valuable opinion. You have said it right the focus should be more on development.

 last year (edited)

Every suggestions are considered. Thank you 😊

 last year 

well said,it's important ,investors is so necessary for this platform.Thank you.

 last year 

We should try to focus on those point to make steemit successful. If we all the admin's and mod's follow @rme brothers instruction. Then i hope steemit will be one of top block chain based blogging platform. Let's do it together.

 last year 

Dada, I like your initiative more than any of these. Hope you can achieve your objective. And you can build a beautiful future for the Steemit platform. We are with you. Wish you success in all your endeavors.

 last year 

Thank you very much, we will try our best to move the new committee forward.

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