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RE: "SteemPro" - A decentralized mobile application developed by bangla.witness development team

This is such an amazing initiative! you guys are so awesome! I'm really excited to see SteemPro coming soon. Please let us know if there is anything we (@dev.supporters and @upvu) can work on together.

 last year 

I'm currently building a DAO (A million dollar funds are now ready) with collaboration of @hungry-griffin for funding steem development projects. I'll invite all of you to my team & wish you will accept my invitation. Thanks :)

Collaborations are always welcome! If you invite us, we will respond quickly at any time. We sincerely thank you, @hungry-griffin and the bangla community for your dedication to vitalizing the Steem ecosystem. We'll be ready and waiting for you invitaiton! :)

 last year 

thank you very much @donekim :) We'll discuss very soon on this matter :)

It's my pleasure! thanks for having us :)

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