More Tomato Plants Are Started

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Hello, steemians!

It's time for another tomato plant update!

In my previous post about my tomato plants, I talked about starting a second batch of seeds. Quite a few of those seeds have now come up and are starting to grow. I'm still waiting to see if all the seeds germinate. The first batch of tomato plants is doing well so far. All of those seeds came up, but a couple of the plants have not developed very well. still, 16 good plants from 18 seeds is pretty good.

Here's a look at the first batch of plants. This picture is from yesterday.


Once I was able to leave the first batch of plants out in the greenhouse, I had more space on my shelf for the second batch of plants. I planted 24 starter pots this time, so I couldn't get them all on the heat mat for faster germination.


It only took a couple of days for the first seeds to come up, so I decided to take those plants and swap the pots with the ones that didn't have any heat. Once the plant is up, the extra heat isn't as important. I used one of my desk lamps to give the new plants more light.


This is a look at the new plants as of today. 5 of the Amana Orange plants are up. One is hiding behind the tag. The Big Mama plants are just starting to come up. These are the ones that I put on the heat mat after the Black Krim plants came up and I swapped them out. The Better Boy plants seem to be slow coming up right now.


These are the Black Krim plants. All 6 seeds came up, but 2 of them are growing slower than the other 4.


At this point, it's still too early to tell if the rest of the seeds will germinate, or if I'll have to replant a few of the seeds. I should know in the next few days if I need to replant any. I still have time to get a few more seeds started, I can't put any plants out in the garden until the end of May because of the planting zone where I live. Our zone is 4A.

That's all I have for this update, thanks for stopping by to check it out!

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