🔬#MESExperiments 25: Increasing Spin Friction Can Make Gyroscopes Rise Much Faster

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Nice article. I hope Your work will get more views as people spend more time at home.

 2 years ago 

Thanks! Yeah hope so too! :)

I've uploaded 2 videos on Bitchute but it is quite annoying. I'm recording with phone, uploading to YouTube on Phone, then directly from YouTube to DTube I can upload through just simple link. But on Bitchute I have to have a file on my PC. I have to upload video to my Google Disc on phone, download it from it to PC and then upload from PC. I dont know if I will continue to use that platform.

 2 years ago 

Hmmm interesting. I upload from my computer so I had not had to deal with these issues. I will let you know if they develop a phone app.

As an FYI, pasting the link from YouTube to DTube just embeds the YouTube video but doesn't actually upload it to their decentralized servers. So if the video is taken down on YouTube it won't show on DTube. Uploading it directly to DTube requires the same process as BitChute.

Lastly, when viewing your later videos on a PC, the video is vertical haha....