What are the introductory cryptocurrency exchanges?

in Cryptomission2 years ago

The greatest problem with both, online and mobile wallets is that it’s very difficult to exchange dollars and bitcoins from them. You can’t easily add your credit card to your account. That’s where you may want to need those cryptocurrency exchanges.

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online or mobile platform with a built-in trading functionality that lets you buy/sell and store cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ethereum, etc.

Relative anonymity is why technocrats of the brave new world rush into the market, too. In most cases, there’s no need to verify your identity if you want to start moving your cryptocurrency funds from/to those platforms. Keep in mind, though, if you want to withdraw or deposit fiat money (USD or Euro) you will normally have to provide those platforms with a variety of papers. Such as your utility bill or/and a bank statement, or/and your ID — there are options out there depending on an exchange website.

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