Is Crypto A Good Investment?

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Crypto Investment

These days the cryptocurrency industry and community is enjoying the fact that it’s trending right now and a lot of people are willing to start investing or trading in the market. It’s very true that the cryptocurrency market is in a completely different class and is very different from the usual stock markets or forex. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to keep learning about how markets work, or how we can control our feelings and not let them destroy a position with very great potential.

Transactions Are Easy

If you’re going to work in the stock market or Forex you need to pay some fees; brokerage’s fees, commission fees, the “paperwork” fees… in crypto on the other hand there is no need for all the intermediaries, and though there’s no need to pay fees to intermediaries if they don’t exist. Right?

It’s true that in crypto you also pay fees to the exchanges when you’re buying and selling coins. But it’s a lot less than what it is in other markets.

No Need To Trust

As mentioned in the previous section, there are no intermediaries in blockchain and it’s decentralized (if a certain project is not, then you can take it as a red flag) so there is no need for you to trust in any specific organization or people who work in the process to not mess your transaction up.

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Not So Hard To Transfer Assets

To transfer an asset to another party, you can send it through Bitcoin. The whole process can be viewed and validated by anyone and that’s because of the transparent nature of blockchain technology. The same can not be said about bank transfers. The whole process could be a pain if you were about to send a large amount of money and you needed to do it fast.

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