How To Fix Pending Transaction Error?

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If you are one of those users who do many transactions in the Ethereum wallet, you have probably encountered the problem that you can not create new transactions due to the pending transaction issue. Sometimes you even face issues such as waiting too long for a transaction to occur, and you may have to wait for hours to occur, but this does not happen. This problem is in most cryptocurrencies. But how can it be fixed?

Why Does The Transaction Lock?

One of the main reasons your transaction encounters an error, and the execution process delays are that no miner selects your transaction to perform. In general, in the Ethereum blockchain, a gas fee is set for each transaction, according to which each miner who chooses the transaction and performs it receives a certain amount as a reward based on the gas fee.

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If your transaction is not completed due to a low gas fee, you can set another transaction with a higher gas fee once and send it to the Ethereum blockchain. Similarly, the previous transaction automatically cancels, and the new transaction with a higher gas fee is selected more quickly by a miner, and the process is done.

How To Fix Pending Transaction Error?

In Ethereum blockchain transaction queuing, each transaction has a unique number known as the nonce. If the nonce of the new transaction is greater than the previous transaction, if the original transaction is not feasible, the latest transaction replaces it and executes quickly.

On the other hand, if you can set the transaction number equal to the previous transaction, which can no longer be done due to the low gas fee, the transaction with a higher gas fee will replace the previous one and will be done.

Wallets That Calculate The Amount Of Gas Fee

Some Ethereum wallets can calculate the gas fee automatically to reduce the amount of work you do at this point. Venly wallet or Metamask, for example, both have such a system.

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