Making Roses with my offcut pieces of materials// "My Needlework Challenge"

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Do you do with your pieces or offcut clothing?
Do you just throw them away?
Or do you call them wastes that needs to be dispose?
Well that's too bad if that is what you usually do.

Here is what I use my pieces of clothing and offcut dresses to do.
Most times I used it for my pillow but today I wanna show you the ones I used for my roses.
I used my Ankara and pieces of materials in making roses for myself, to be used for my church wears.

I made the roses with different colour materials and Ankara too.
In there, you can see red being my best colour😊 you can see yellow, orange, white, lemon, navy blue, royal blue etc.

Also I used beads of different colours to design and beautify most of these roses.

I don't waste or just dispose my offcut pieces of materials, rather I recycle them into something tangible and useful.
Below are the equipment I used for this process.

Materials Used

  • Pieces of clothing (different colours)
  • Ankara material
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Hot glue gum
  • Beads
  • Pearl
  • Scissor

I make use of any available waste to create something new.

My Monday Needlework

Thank you for engaging my blog

I appreciate your upvotes, reblog and comments. Thank you😘❤

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Good one.
Keep it up

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Cute idea, I totally would wear this as a flower for the hair. Do you have a pattern/explanation how to make them?

Thanks @ neumannsalva..

Yeah I do have a pattern to making those

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