The Virus that Pushed Us To Do the Change We Needed

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All over the world, this pandemic has caused too much damage and suffering. Big companies are struggling to keep afloat, employers are laying off their employees, people are filled with panic and worry. Clearly, we are up against a very deadly enemy. And by far, we have lost a lot. Our jobs, our freedom to roam around, and many of us lost friends and family to this virus.

Amidst these trying times, it will be very difficult to find the good side especially when we see too much bad news on media platforms. We here in our country try several ways to ease our minds. Some turn to Tiktok, while others binge on Netflix. I prefer to pursue my hobbies.

I created this crocheted virus keychain to pass the time. At first, I thought it's a bad idea. Because when all this is over, seeing this keychainneill only remind me of the hardships the whole world is going through right now.

But then I thought it would also be a great reminder for me that this virus pushed us all to the edge and forced us to make the change we hukans so badly needed.

If you look around, with all the lockdowns happening all over the world, there are lesser vehicles that pollute the earth. If you feel so low at the end of the day, try to look up at the night sky and see all the stars that you were missing before because of the smog that the pollution we all caused. Noticeably, the air is a lot fresher. You can feel it become cleaner and cleaner.


Mother Earth is healing. Manila Bay showed its beautiful turqoise waters a few days after the lockdown. The waters there used to be black because of all the dirt pollution. But with lesser boats and people around to pollute it, Mother Earth was given time to bring out its natural beauty.

This is what Manila Bay looked like before the quarantine

Families all over the world get to eat meals together, talk to each other, play with each other more frequently than they used to. Without the virus, we all would have been too wrapped up with our daily business and making time for the most important persons in our lives would have been a challenge.

My sister finally took the time to learn piano. My nieces and nephews now loved reading books, friends all over the world finally got time to chat with each other even when we are far apart from each other. (Thanks to messenger, wechat, whatsapp and so on and so forth.)

Deep inside our hearts, we all know that we need to change our ways. But with all the hustle and bustle, we just can't find the time to start. This virus has showed us what is truly essential in our lives. It helped us jumpstart the change we humans so badly needed.

I am not thankful for the virus. It still sucks and I pray it goes away soon. But with all the negativity going on around the globe, I wish that we still be able to find the good in the situation.

Let us not lose hope. This too shall pass. Let's all stay at home and constantly wash our hands. See you all on the other side.


Manila Bay showed its beautiful turqoise waters a few days after the lockdown

This is really impressive, in a melancholic way.

It is, indeed!
It can therefore be concluded that human's selfish acts are the main reason for Earth's devastation.

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