NeedleWorkMonday’s 80th Curation - Post Payout Split - 1000 SP 30 Day Delegation Winner Announced!

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Hello Steem Community! There have been some questions and concerns regarding the #NeedleWorkMonday Community. Although I (@crosheille) am stepping away to care for myself and family the NeedleWorkMonday Community will still live on! Please continue to use the appropriate tags according to the day you post and continue sharing your work and posting directly from the Community.

The community will continue business as usual. If there are any changes or updates you will be informed by your community leaders @muscara, @marblely and @shanibeer. I will be hanging around for the rest of this month to finish up on my commitments with this community. I plan to fully disconnect by April ;)

I welcome you to our 80th #NeedleWorkMonday Curation Post! We are so excited to bring to you another round of quality posts shared by our needlework enthusiasts on Monday.

All qualified posts will be included in our PPS (post payout split) once this post receives it’s payout next Wednesday. We have decided to do one every tenth curation to give an extra bonus to our needlework community!

Any post that does not meet the guidelines (please see link to FAQs below for posting guidelines) will not be included in the PPS.

I am happy to announce that all posts this week did meet the posting guidelines and will be included: @carolinacardoza, @hanedane, @seadbeady, @romeskie, @starjewel, @akipponn, @pheonixwren, @mers, @annzhao, @gloriaolar, @oceanmoon, @neumannsalva, @muscara and @tahiaarq

This is never required but it would be Super Fantastic and Wowserly Amazing if we could have this post Resteemed in order to get more attention and support of our PPS. Would you consider helping us and making the needlework community’s day by sharing? Who knows, maybe we can get some extra support votes this round to make our PPS a generous amount! Thanks in advance lovelies ~


Before we get to our featured posts we must announce the Winner for the first week of NeedleWorkMonday's Four Week Community Posting Drive Challenge!!

Those who posted directly from the community this week and were eligible to enter the drawing for a 1000SP Delegation for 30 Days from @shanibeer are as follows:

@akipponn, @mers, @oceanmoon, @neumannsalva and @tahiaarq...



Congratulations @neumannsalva!!! 🎉 If you would like your chance to win please follow the posting guidelines (found in our FAQs below) and post directly from the NeedleWorkMonday Community! There are three weeks left for this posting drive ~


I now present to you this week’s featured posts...

How I made a leather vintage shoulder bag. by @gloriaolar


When I first found one of @gloriaolar’s beautiful shoulder bag tutorial posts I couldn’t believe they were handmade. I was so impressed with the quality and how professional it was that I immediately invited her to join #NeedleWorkMonday. I think you too will be impressed by her work. She makes it look easy but in no way is this a small task. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did.


Security Blanket/ Manta de apego by @tahiaarq


I love visiting @tahiaarq’s blog to see her original creative work. She inspires me to not look at patterns and try my own designs. She shows us how she put this adorable security blanket together piece by piece. If we look at it in that way it makes it less “scary” to try our own creations. Thanks for this inspiration!


The Pillowcase-Quilted Bag by @mers


The ideas just keep flowing within this community! What a great idea @mers had to turn this quilted pillowcase into a bag! It looks so cute and I love the added lace for a feminine touch. I thought it was clever that she used cotton balls to stuff the straps. Now I know what to use when I run out of poly-fil.


Thank you for stopping by to view our featured posts for this week! Please stop by their posts and show some love with a read and upvote for sharing their handmade creations! To see more needle arts please check out the #NeedleWorkMonday tag and check back here with @NeedleWorkMonday every Wednesday for the weekly Resteems and Curation posts!!

If you are a needlework artist we’d love to have you join us every Monday to share your work and inspire this community to give a craft a try!! On Monday’s, please use the #NeedleWorkMonday tag and on all other days please use the #needlework tag (without the word Monday attached) so we can find each other’s work.

Once again if you would like to help this post get more attention and help spread the word about our PPS in efforts to reward the needlework community, we'd really appreciate a Resteem! Thank you for your love and support always ~

For more information on #NeedleWorkMonday and the @needleworkmonday community please visit our FAQs!

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Today’s curation written by @crosheille 🤎


Congratulations @neumannsalva!
1,000SP have been delegated to your account for thirty days!

AHhhh help, what?!??!?!? I won??? I guess I have an overload <3 <3 Thank you so much for making this possible. But I guess now I need a tutoring on how to best use this for all of us in the next 30 day. So if you @shanibeer, @marblely or @muscara (or everybody else who is feels fit in this) have an idea how I should behave: please let me know 🙏🙏🙏🙏
I am really grateful for this community and I am in loss of words

This week I am in awe of bag making. I never tried it out, but it is on my (secret) to do list. Both bags are so different but both are beautiful. I love the small vintage bag from @gloriaola perfect for an summer evening event where you need something stylish to put your cellphone in <3
And while speaking of the summer (you notice I am bit bored of the rain here) @mers bag would be perfect for taking needlework project with you to an afternoon in the sun. The lace on the bag is so lovely, it would draw eyes.

Thanks dear ... am honored by your lovely comment. I will be posting more of the bag projects I made in the coming days so you would have other ideas.

Thank you for you comment and feature my post...
Congrats to @neumannsalva for the amazing win...

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Congrats to all!

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