Living Sculpture

I have a friend who searches the beaches for driftwood. In particular he likes a very hardwood called Kiawe. He then takes these trunks and branches and drills holes in them and creates a tree shaped sculpture.

Then he creates small baskets to put plants in. So his customers can put small plants in the baskets.

I took this one step further and glued small plants to the branches. These green plants and diversely colored flowering plants of different hues of red, blue, purple and orange make these constructs of dead wood come alive.




We are enjoying very good weather on this day, as you can see our sunny blue sky and warm weather. We are under quarantine here and all non-essential travel is outlawed. We are complying, only going out to the market in the evening to avoid the crowds. We are thankful that we have a yard to walk around in and a garden to care for during this time.

Here are more pictures, close ups of the plants on the sculptures. These are Airplants. Tiliasdendia They have very small roots which are for balance only, they get their moisture from the air. You actually cause wet rot if you water them and after rain I have to turn the big ones upside fine yo drain the water out, otherwise they die.




The first sculpture I showed you was a tall one. My friend makes short ones also and I have one of those also. It’s very short and wide. I bought large ceramic vases and stones to put these sculptures in, so many people think they are giant potted plants and they are surprised to find out the trees are actually dead branches covered in living plants.




I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I took these pictures with my cellphone.

✍️ and 📷 by Shortsegments. 😊

Blogging and posting pictures on the blockchain for 23 moons.


Beautiful Pictures - Cool sculpture👍👍👍

Nice, that gives me a great idea!

Cool! Post a picture of your idea when your done.

you amaze me!!! this is soo beautiful

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