Oiza In The Way of the Three "C's"

in Amazing Nature6 months ago

I thank our friend @heartbeat1515 for mentioning and inviting me to participate or declaring what it means to me...


COMMUNITY: Making a community implies going through a tortuous path, loaded with difficulties due to the different individual ways of going. When we decide to join a community we think that similar interests and/or goals can be united.

CONGREGATION: Once we are gathered, our creative work begins and each one takes the path that he or she considers most appropriate for his or her interests or that generates the most pleasure and benefits.

BEEHIVE: We must behave like a beehive, if like bees, that each has a responsibility but that the work is joint. It is the only way to emerge, progress and survive in these immense seas. This is the perception I have of the #ccc community, and being frank and sincere, it must be the north of any community of creators!

SOLITARY BEE...otherwise you will be a lonely, tired and thirsty bee that will eventually disappear!

Original written and photographic support by @oizaguirres


Great picture series, I like it ^^ I am glad you found your way to us in Amazing Nature ;) .. Stay safe out there and have a great weekend !

Great post!!!

I love how you linked this into Hive. :-)

I love the photographs, a beautiful post @oizaguirres Apoyado #toptres del día.

never heard of this ccc before :o

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