Magnificent countryside and its two beautiful hosts for #AmazingNature contest [ENG-FR]

Today I share with you these lovely pictures of the horse and the donkey I met few years ago while strolling in our wonderful countrysideAujourd'hui, je partage avec vous ces belles photos du cheval et de l'âne que j'ai rencontrés il y a quelques années en me promenant dans notre magnifique campagne
I present these shots to the contest February 2020 #01 run by @adalgerJe présente ces photos au concours février 2020 # 01 organisé par @adalger
and this is also my submission to #dailypetphotography by @dpetet c'est aussi ma soumission à #dailypetphotography par @dpet


Before being able to photograph our 2 friends like top models striking the pose ...Avant de pouvoir photographier nos 2 amis tels des top-models prenant la pose...
I had to intrigue them enough so that they came running from the bottom of the meadow where I saw them ...j'ai du les intriguer suffisamment pour qu'ils accourent depuis le fond du pré où je les apercevais...


Fortunately these animals are, like cows, very curious animalsHeureusement ces animaux sont, au même titre que les vaches, des animaux fort curieux
and perhaps on the lookout for all the surprises of a beautiful summer day peut-être à l'affut de toutes les surprises d'une belle journée d'été...


So here they come, little by little,Les voici donc qui s'approchent petit à petit,
which gives me time to admire the sumptuous landscape which is their magnificent background, and I am delighted for them to live in such beautiful and wide space 😊ce qui me laisse le temps d'admirer le paysage somptueux qui est leur décor magnifique, et je me réjouis pour eux qu'ils vivent au sein d'un espace si vaste et si beau 😊
It is the mountainous countryside which constitutes my beautiful region of Haute-Savoie, France, a green and fresh decor which I never tire of admiring the hilly beauty and which I would not want to do without for anything in the world ... ❤️C'est la campagne montagneuse qui constitue ma belle région de Haute-Savoie, un décor vert et frais dont je ne me lasse pas d'admirer la beauté vallonnée et dont je ne voudrais me passer pour rien au monde ...❤️


Hi friends ! I am so happy to see you!Salut les amis ! Je suis si heureuse de vous voir !
The big and the small, the white and the brown, both meadow mates and intrigued by my presence, but not frightened 😉Le grand et le petit, le blanc et le brun, tous deux compagnons de prairie et intrigués par ma présence, mais pas apeurés 😉


I am much less delighted by these hideous barbed wire, but we will have to do with them...Je suis beaucoup moins rejouie par ces hideux barbelés, mais il va falloir faire avec...



My two pretty equines let me photographed them with good grace so I happily take advantage of it 😊Mes deux jolis bestiaux se laissent photographier avec bonne grâce alors j'en profite allègrement 😊
Doesn't it sound like they are both posing ? 😃Ne dirait-on pas qu'ils prennent des poses à deux ? 😃





That's all Lovelies, I hope you have enjoyed the company of these sweet beings who have kindly lent themselves to a photo shoot for usVoilà les amis, j'espère que vous avez apprecié la compagnie de ces doux êtres qui se sont gentiment prêtés à une seance photo pour nous
I wish you a wonderful evening!Je vous souhaite une merveilleuse soirée !



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Beautiful animals and the scenery looks beautiful too!

That close up photo of a donkey is my fave! :)

Such cute pictures ^^ .. I am glad that they were running up to you for that photoshoot, hehe :) especially the first picture look great, not only becaurse their hard colour contrast between white and dark brown, but also the size. They fit so beautifully together and it looks like they were posing for you on purpose ^^ .. A nice capture in front of an amazing landscape ;)

Yes this was a funny photoshoot with these cooperative guys 😃
9upj7p.png for your comment @adalger ! ^_^

Beautiful photos. The horse and the donkey are enjoying your company and even posing for you. 😊 I love the contrast between the two animals, white and brown, big and small.

Indeed they were too pretty together not to captured them and show to the world...LOL
Thanks a lot @redheadpei and have a 9xwiz8.png

Thanks @barbara-orenya! You have a beautiful day. ❤️ 💕 💗

Horses and donkeys, any four legged animal that lets you sit on its back, are amazing creatures indeed! How marvelous it would be to jump on the white horse and ride bareback across the stunning green grassy fields your homeland in Haute-Savoie, France! @barbara-orenya 🐎🇫🇷🐎

yes they really are sweet animals and I'm happy they have a beautiful space to enjoy...
qcvo8b.png for your comment my dear and have a wonderful week ! ❤️