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Eastern Chipmunks are in the Squirrel family. They are ground dwellers and dig extensive tunnels.
They eat nuts, berries and seeds.
I have seen them nibble on mushrooms.

This little chipmunk was in my garden. It was only a few inches away from me when I took the picture.


I find them to be very entertaining. I see them often chasing each other around and quickly disappearing into the stonewall and reemerging.
Sometimes they become so involved in chasing each other they will run around me in circles and right over me feet.


A chipmunk’s small mouth can expand to three times the size of it’s head. Absolutely amazing. They look even cuter when there checks are bulged out after stuffing their faces with food. They are little vacuum cleaners. The one in the above photo is cleaning up some old Birdfood from off the ground.


In the photo above there's a little chipmunk sitting on rock.
I was taking a picture of the approaching bear and didn't notice the chipmunk at the time.
Chipmunks make a very distinctive chirping noise when they sense there is neaby threat.
I cannot recall if this chipmunk was chirping away but safe to assume it probably was 😁🐿.
Photos were taken last year.

Photography by


Cute lil critters. You have them hand trained yet?

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Hello @sketch.and.jam
They will take food from my hand. Very trusting.
If I don't see them right off when I'm outside working in my garden. "I'll say.. here Chippy...Chippy "
They come 😊💕

Haha they are like my hamsters.

They truly are..💕
So gosh darn cute..!!!

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Thank You...!!
Greatly appreciated..!

Excellent photos! I assume my little chipmunk friend is still safe under her snowbank.

Thank You..!!
I saw one little chipmunk the other day peeking out of the stonewall. They'll become more active once it warms up and stays warm.
I'm sure your little chipmunk will emerge. Spring is coming 😊🐿

They are so cute.. Like half squirrels half guineapig 😍