Nature Motivation Show - #1 - Sturdy Trees

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Hello lovely Nature Lovers !


Now that you are all locked up in your accommodations for the next few weeks it is so hard to stay in touch with the beauties of nature out there. So I decided to launch this Nature Motivation Show for you ^^ It will contain 10 episodes and will be published over two weeks. Each day I will present to you one of those episodes, with collected footage from the Botanical Gardens Bochum and the Hohenstein National Park in Witten, so that you can stay sane and still feel like a creation of our Mother Earth, and not like another piece of furniture of your accommodation ;) .. I will cover trees,bushes, carnivorous plants and beautiful flowers, wild forest animals and petting zoo animals, fungi and much more for you 😜 .. Today's episode is about Sturdy Trees

Quercus Robur : The Common Oak

Quercus robur translates from Latin and means "Strong Oak" (quercus = oak + robur = strength). An those trees for sure are. They are extremely robust, can reach up to 40m in height and can be found simply everywhere in Europe and the western parts of the Caucasus. The have super thick bark and don't even move an inch in the face of the greatest storms. Even its roots can find a way through every ground no matter how hard it is. The Quecus is a power tree like no one else ^^

Tsuga Canadensis : The Canadian Hemlock

As common as the oak is in Europe, the Tsuga Canadensis is a well known tree in the north-eastern parts of North America. It reaches heights up to 50 m and is famous for its characteristic dark green needles that are tightly ordered. In contrast to the oak, the Tsuga is known relatively soft wood.

Pinus Peuce : The Macedonian Pine

The Pinus Peuce is native to the mountains of the southern Balkan Peninsula as well as parts of northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece. With a preferred high of growth about 800 m to 2200 m, he is the mountain lover in this collection. He only gets as height as 30 m has quite short and bare branches with fewer, rather 10 cm long stiff needles. His characteristic are his 10 cm long pine cones are hanging on its branches between May and June.

Ceiba Insignis : The Bottle Tree

The Ceiba Insignis is quite an unusual tree. It native to Southamerica and a sun junky. They love temperatures above 25 °C and can reach heights of 8 m. What makes this tree so fascinating are his thick and sharp thorns that cover nearly the whole stem and give him a super dangerous look. This one is is realatively small compared to those that can be found out there in wild nature ^^

Thank you so much for watching this little attempt to motivate you a bit ! .. Maybe I could even inspire some of you to try out your own Nature Motivation Show too ? .. Have a nice day and stay safe ;)

All pictures were taken by myself, ©@adalger, with a Samsung Galaxy or Huawei P30 Mobile Phone. They were all taken in the Botanical Gardens in Bochum.



If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

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