4th day of Movement Control Order - Silent night

in Team Malaysia2 years ago

I don't think I've ever seen the streets outside my condo so quiet, even in the wee hours. Not just the lack of the usual traffic, but also those damn ricers who love to rev their engines on the main street for no reason other than perhaps out of sheer imbecility. It's good news then in more than one way - that also means more people are taking the Movement Control Order (MCO) seriously.

Anyway, the three of us has been holed up at home for 4 whole days now. Things are relatively quiet and normal....well other than the fact that none of us has stepped out of our home for 4 days, other than me taking out the trash.

The missus is used to cooking at home and we are properly stocked up so meals are not a problem.

We have Netflix at our fingertips and I work from home. When we miss our families, everyone is just one video call away. So basically we're all set until the MCO ends on the 31st this month. If the MCO does get extended, I'll need to hit the grocers to stock up but that's no biggie. The only downer is reading the news and watching the number of infected and death steadily rising.

Please folks, stay at home if you can. Don't go out unless it is absolutely necessary. Think of your family, your neighbours, your community, the police and healthcare workers who are risking their lives to keep all of us safe. Look out for one another but keep your distance and most importantly have faith and stay strong.

Malaysia Boleh!


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