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Visiting Singapore, you don't need a visa and plane ticket, just listen to this article which will discuss a brief history of the State of Singapore and some of the famous places there. Singapore is a neighboring country to Indonesia, the country where I live. That's why I'm interested in discussing this country to take part in Build the Earth Construction Hunt Contest # 6 from @cmp2020 . As a link in working on this article I chose YouTube content from the Wigit channel with the title Singapore BTE 1: 1. Alright let's discuss.

Singapore is a country with a lion symbol and has a history that this country was once named "Pu-luo-chung" which means the tip country on the island of the Malay Peninsula and was also dubbed the sea city or "Temasek" at the beginning this country was founded in 1298-1299 AD.

Then it became famous as a country with a lion symbol because in the 14th century the Prince of Srivijaya Kingdom from the Indonesian island of Sumatra named Sang Nila Utama got lost in "Pu-lou-chung" and found a lion, he thought it was a fortune, then the prince decided to establish village and build that territory

SGP 2.png

The journey was not smooth to become a developed country that has many skyscrapers like the photo above, Singapore also experienced difficult times, was designated as a British colony and part of the Malaysian Federation in 1946, and in 1963 Singapore joined the Malaysian state at that time. independence from Britain, culminating in 9 August 1965 Singapore seceded from Malaysia and became an independent, developed country to this day. For this information you can visit this link

SGP 5.png

Singapore City

Apart from its history, the city of Singapore has a good public layout, the government there carries the theme "city in a garden" as a concept that is suitable for a city with a tropical climate. With this theme, every city park in Singapore must have many shady trees that provide natural coolness for visitors. Even skyscrapers in Singapore apply city in a garden as a form of loving the environment. Transportation there also adjusts to the tropical climate, so it feels very comfortable traveling there.

SGP 3.png

If you visit Singapore, the first thing that will impress your city is the many beautiful tall buildings that are a tourist attraction there, especially at Sands 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore. I am sure you will also be fascinated with the city setting in Singapore. Look at the replica of the building in the image below, the buildings are in the center of the Bayfront city where the position next to it is a beach resort.

SGP 4.png

Marina Bay Sands

Who doesn't know the Marina Bay Sands Singapore building, a building that is characteristic of Singapore, even you can't be said to have visited there if you haven't taken a photo with the background of this building. The unique thing about this building is that there are three buildings parallel to the ship-like building above it, you must be curious about what is in that building?

SGP 7.png

In the building there are hotels, convention centers, cinemas, museums, event plazas, celebrity restaurants, and various other shops. If you have a lot of time visit the ship-like building to enjoy the 150-meter-long swimming pool with a 200-meter height.

Gardens by the Bay

SGP 8.png

Another interesting thing about Singapore is the very famous city park called Gardens by the Bay, this park is adjacent to Marina Bay Sands, when viewed from the top view it will be like the snippet of the picture above. I think this place is a miracle in design and luxurious building, and there is a very sophisticated technology. This plant has received a Guinness World Record award in 2015. Looking for distinctive features and really steal your attention from this park is the SuperTree Grove, a giant artificial tree that varies in height from 25 meters to 50 meters. So remember, it's not a real tree, but an artificial tree with almost the same function as a real tree.

SGP 1.png

That's all the discussion about Build the Earth Construction Hunt # 6, hopefully it will fall into the contest criteria.

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Yay, i was at Gardens by the Bay last weekend.
Love going there.

it's fun to be there, it feels like to come back again.

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