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Well, there is a surprise for you. This morning, if you have visited BetScorum page, you could see… well, a pair of ghostly IK Brage games (it seems that system likes IK Brage just as much as it hates Brighton) and a full first page with odds! Just like in the good old dead times when nobody was betting on a full supply of odds!

This has not been seen since… Anybody remember? Betman can understand you are still in shock, so he will allow questions. Anybody again?

Did you42j0rv.jpg

I’m afraid Inspector, you will have to investigate somewhere else on that crime. Betman has an alibi in the previous posts. He was always trying to keep them alive. And here is the last piece of evidence:


I suggest you follow the usual line of investigation, ie. follow the money! Look where SCR is going! You may find all kinds of miracles in that hole! And when you finish, you can try to guess who is going to win in German or Belarus football games today. Oh, wait, you can do this even before you finish! There are all your cluesoes there! You just have to…

…watch for the Pink Panther!