Application For Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 7 For Steem Fashion and Style

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Dear @steemitblog
I hereby apply for the season 7 community engagement challenge on behalf of the Steem Fashion and Style community. It will be an honour to host this engagement challenge for the first time.


Brief history of their community

Steem Fashion & Style community is a community built for everyone to showcase their fashion and style. The community came into existence about a few weeks ago and the things users are expected to share with us include

  • Fashion & Style Diary Game
  • Fashion & Style Tutorials
  • Fashion & Style Contests

Here is the detailed post about community Content topics.


List of all Founders, Administrators, and Moderators including their #club status

The team that makes up the Steem Fashion and Style community and their club status can be seen in the table below.

UsernameRoleClub Status
@ashkhanAdmin and FounderClub5050


Details of their community curation account, how it is being built up, and who holds the keys

At the moment, the community curation account has a total of 7164.43 SP delegated by the leader (@ashkhan), some other users and these will be used to support other users. We will be sorting out delegates to help delegate some SP so we can build the account more.

All the keys at the moment are with the leader (@ashkhan), though the posting key will be distributed among the moderators in no-distance time.



Details of the community’s current policy for checking and commenting on posts

The community at the moment uses tools like the smaller tool and double checker to check plagiarism and users to check club status. The review format can be seen below.

Hi @username

We warmly welcome you in our community. Thank you so much for taking part in our community contest. You have shared a great entry and personal grooming is the best thing for your fashion & styling. Your personal style is the best that will make you more confident and comfortable. Best of luck for the result.

DescriptionInformation ✅or ❌
Plagiarism Free
Bot Free
Markdown Style


Club StatusClub***
Transfer to Vesting***
Cash Out0.000
Voting CSI***

Checking of Club Status from the



Details of how the community helps members improve the quality of their posts

Every moderator has a space for comments during a review and this is where we give recommendations and suggestions and also encourage users to improve their post quality based on our observations.


Reasons why their community should be selected for the Challenge.
  • The mission of our community is different from others which makes it unique.

  • The Admin and MODs are very responsible and always thought for the betterment of Steem ecosystem.

  • From the beginning till date there is no post which is not checked by admin and moderator.

  • Our team work together daily to check articles in the community.

  • Only quality content is supported in our community.

  • Admin and Moderators are very experienced and have good knowledge about the theme of our community.

  • Admin and Moderators participate very well in Steemit Engagement Challenge and their club status are also very well.

  • We conduct contest and give rewards in SP or TRX

  • If we would be given a chance to host the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 7 then we will surely improve our experience on the Blockchain.


Contact details

@ashkhan (Admin)Discord # ashkhan#8433
@drhira (Moderator)Discord drhira#9254
@simonnwigwe (Moderator)Discord @simonnwigwe#1226

Join our discord channel


 last year 

May your community select this time wish you all the best for the application 😊

 last year 

What a nice theme, fashion is needed in everyday in any form, because we always wish to look good either male or female. In this community we will get chance to share our ideas about fashion and style. Hope and wish best of luck for this community.
Keep growing

 last year 

Thank you for being part of our community team and support us.

 last year 

Indeed you have presented a straight forward application and i think if given the opportunity this team will do great work. Success to us in advance.

 last year 

Thank you for being part of our community team and support us.

 last year 

A very well detailed and beautiful application a submitted by you guys. Wish you good luck for your application. I hope steem team sill consider your application. And give you a chance to hosting in season 7. All the best.

Faran Nabeel

 last year 

Thank you so much for your support.

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