Application For Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 10 by Steem Fashion and Style

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Dear @steemitblog

I hereby apply for the season 10 community engagement challenge on behalf of the Steem Fashion and Style community. It will be an honour to host this engagement challenge for another month.


The Purpose of Our Community

This community was built with a unique purpose other communities days we do a lot of types of styling and fashion but there is no specific community to share this. We make this community where users can share their fashion and style-related content in our community. We organize different theme contests so that users will get more ideas to share their content with us.

Another idea was to support users all over the steemit especially those who are not getting much support even after doing great work. We keep in mind to support users by giving steem power, TRX, and steem as a contest reward. That they also grow their account and get success here.

Brief history of their community

Steem Fashion & Style community is a community built for everyone to showcase their fashion and style. The community came into existence about a few weeks ago and the things users are expected to share with us include

  • Fashion & Style Diary Game
  • Lifestyle Diary Game
  • Skincare Diary Game
  • Shopping Diary Game
  • Fashion & Style Tutorials (Stitching, Skincare, etc)
  • Fashion & Style Contests

Here is the detailed post about community Content topics.

This community was built with a unique purpose other communities days we do a lot of types of styling and fashion but there is no specific community to share this. We make this community where users can share their fashion and style-related content in our community. We organize different theme contests so that users will get more ideas to share their content with us.


List of all Founders, Administrators, and Moderators including their #club status

The team that makes up the Steem Fashion and Style community and their club status can be seen in the table below. We have 3 team members until now and increase in future according to community demands or progress.



Details of their community curation account, how it is being built up, and who holds the keys

At the moment, the community curation account hive-126193 has a total of 15K SP delegated by the leader (@ashkhan), some other users and these will be used to support other users. We will be sorting out delegates to help delegate some SP so we can build the account more.

We are growing our community by organizing different contests in the community and continuously power up our earning. We have build up 17.5K+ Steem power within 4 months of community inauguration. All the keys at the moment are with the admin (@ashkhan) and @drhira, though the posting key will be distributed among the moderators in no-distance time.




Details of the community’s current policy for checking and commenting on posts

The community at the moment uses tools like the smaller tool and double checker to check plagiarism, using different websites for checking Al generated content and users to check club status.

The review format can be seen below. We have following reviewing team each day and we have 3 team members including 2 Admins and 1 moderator.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


All team members help out on Sunday as we received most of the posts on Sunday. We can't left any post unreviewed more than 23 hours.

Greetings! Thank you for being part of the community and participating in Steemit Engagement Challenge S10-W1/2/3/4: "_______" .

Status Club
Plagiarism Free
Voting CSI
Quality of content
Verification date:


Details of how the community helps members improve the quality of their posts

Every moderator has a space for comments during a review and this is where we give recommendations and suggestions and also encourage users to improve their post quality based on our observations.

We also shared some posts which help them in sharing content according to our community theme and give them examples too. We have guided some newcomers to share their verification post in newcomers community and then start posting in any community.


Reasons why their community should be selected for the Challenge.
  • The purpose and theme of our community is different from others which makes it unique.

  • The Admin and MODs are responsible and always try their best for the betterment of Steem ecosystem. We have appointed well reputed and experienced moderators who are doing their best in our community growth and development.

  • Admin and moderators are reviewing posts from the start of our community. We review all the posts within 12 hours or less.

  • Our team work together daily to check articles in the community. As I mentioned above we have a schedule which our team follow while reviewing posts..

  • We are powering up more than 75% of our community account earnings for community growth & development. We have achieved 2K+ Steem power of community account within a month.

  • Only quality content is supported in our community and only steemexclusive content is supported in our community. Content other than our community theme is muted immediately.

  • Admin and Moderators are experienced and have good knowledge about our community theme. They are conducting different contests to acknowledge users and providing more ways to share about community theme.

  • We conduct contest and give rewards in SP or TRX and Steem. Continuously support to users and appreciate their efforts by upvoting through community account and rewards.

  • If we would be given a chance to host the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 then we will surely play our roles in steemit development.



This was all about our community and team. Thank you steemit team for this opportunity and we will do our best if you give us a chance to support others.

Contact details


Join our discord channel



It is indeed a wonderful place to share and collect different fashion and style ideas. It is really a global place to see different fashions and to get inspiration from them.

 11 months ago 

Thank you for your kind words and support.

You are welcome and you deserve it.

 11 months ago 

It's pleasure to see once again application for engagement challenge season 10! Would be great to be work as a Mod. It's a clear and appreciable application. Wish you good luck.

 11 months ago 

Thank you for your support dear. Wish us best of luck for engagement challenge season 10.

 11 months ago 

We are doing our best to grow our community account and community. I wish we will get chance to win this season. Best of luck to us.

 11 months ago 

As a mod i am ready to perform my duty upto my best, i wish and hope we will be select in season 10. Good luck

 11 months ago 

Best of luck 👍 girls.

 11 months ago 

Thank you brother.

Great application, hope you will add new flair into Engagement challenges. Wishing you success with application!

 11 months ago 

Thank you so much for your wishes. I am glad that you like our application.

 11 months ago 

Good application from your side. I wish a very good luck for you with this application.

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