The lifestyle diary game|| Marriage ceremony of cousin|| Kids behavior is unexpected|| 22-11-2023

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Hello everyone
How are you doing, i am goid. Today i am here with another amazing day which i spent with alot of fun and tasks too. Life is mixture of sweet and sour and these are colors of the life.

I started my day bit earlier as i have to go for work and also attending marriage ceremony in evening. With kid it seems very hard to attend marriage ceremony as they didn't let me move anywhere.

It was marriage of my first cousin so we can not missed it. After prayer and breakfast i reached my work place, do work and assignments of the day and came back to home after buying vegetables.

I prefer to buy vegetables daily rather than the old ones which i keep in refrigerator. Its my view fresh is life and taste of the food is awesome.


When we reached bride was reached with groom, my doll was not feeling well might be mild fever but i wish you enjoyed there it didn't happen.


Everyone seems busy in gossips and food was everywhere my doll was not letting me free to go anywhere that's why i often excuses from the wedding.


I saw my doll moved and reached out to stage and looking busy while seeing people dance, i was watching all these scenes.

The function ended near 11pm and we reached home very late, i just reached home and decided to take rest.

Its all about my today's post.

Thank you for reading.


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