SFS Contest Week 8 | Skincare Ingredient (Potato) | 5 SP + Booming Vote

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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I am here to share another interesting contest with you which is much easier for everyone to participate. According to our community, it's all about fashion, skincare, lifestyle, and many more. So, this week's contest theme is SFS Contest Week 8 | Skincare Ingredient [Potato].

As for making our skin shiner, and brighter we need some homemade remedies and natural ingredients to make it more attractive. Also, we have some ingredients which we can use both for our face skincare & hair care. In this context, you have to share the benefits of using a special ingredient in your skincare routine that has different uses.


Contest Theme

So, in this contest, there are a few important points you have to discuss.

Ingredient Potato

  • Share the benefits of potato or potato water for your skin & hair care.
  • Share at least one homemade remedy of potato in your daily routine either hair care or skin care & it's steps as well.
  • Prefer to use your images


Contest Rewards

Total 5 Steem Power + Booming Vote (not to all winners) will be distributed to all the winners but the contest prize can change to Steem power and increase if we receive a high number of participants.


Contest Rules

  • Subscribe to the community Steem fashion & style and your post must be written in Steem fashion and style (Compulsory).

  • The contest title should be SFS Contest Week 8 | Skincare Ingredient [Potato]

  • Make sure to follow at least club5050. We also encourage users who are following #club75 and #club100. But try to maintain at least #club5050 as now it's necessary to follow to get more support.

  • Write a post of at least 250 words. Try to write in your own words. The post shouldn't be less than 250 words.

  • The contest's first 5 tags should be #ak-contest18, #steemexclusive, #remedy, #potato , club status, and your country tag.

  • The most important thing is to post plagiarism-free content. Try to post unique and original content in your own words.

  • Invite your 3 friends to participate in our contest. Upvote and redeem the contest post so that more users participate in this and upvote.

  • Share your post on Twitter by adding a little information about your post and a specific hashtag like remedy, and share the link in your post comment section.

Contest Deadline

The contest will run from 19th to 25th March 2024. Entry will not accepted after the due date. Share with your friends & get a chance to win.


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