Sept Brave Rewards + Uphold BAT Network Fee

in Project HOPE3 months ago

About a month ago, I made this post about BAT withdrawal fee.
BAT was on the Move 🚀 Uphold Wallet... 😱
Network fee was increased from free to 10 BAT.

Today I found out that they increased the network fee again 👇

Network fee is now 20 BAT... and 25 BAT should be kept in the wallet to move funds!
So 59 BAT (in my wallet) - 20 BAT(fee) - 25 BAT(hodl) becomes 14 BAT 😭😭😭
Also Brave skipped my September payout for both browser and publisher rewards.
Estimated pending rewards haven't changed for a while, but they changed the next payment date.

Publisher rewards hasn't been update since August I think...

I am not too worry about Brave rewards because if they skip the payout this month, the amount will roll over to next month so it is not a big deal for me.
I am just worried that Uphold would increase the fee again to 30 BAT?
That would be painful... 😑
I have heard that if you have more than 100 BAT in Uphold wallet, network fee will be 0... anybody know about this?

But I still like Brave browser and if you want to get some free BAT token for browsing the internet, switch your browser 👇

Get Rewarded For Browsing! Are you Brave?

happy tears
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Pssst you. Yeah you! Do you want a free pro tip?
Just exchange the BAT to something else that has small tx fees. Transfer that to your wallet.

Remember, say no to eth fees

Really? Which one did you exchange it to? I traded to ETH before. It costs a lot to exchange and to send so... i scared 😢

Hmm that's weird. I didn't send it out of Uphold, but I basically exchange $8 of BAT into Bitcoin for free 🤔🤔🤔


Did you exchange BAT to BTC in the Uphold wallet and send it out for free???

I haven't sent it out. Just exchanged for free. But I think you can exchange into BCH for example and send out at a low fee.

Cool cool I might try that

It is really sad to know this , they should not increase the fees any further else many people won't get much profit from the browser.

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