Weekly Wedding Photography Contest || 12 Steem in prize pool || Week - 02

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Great Sunday afternoon everyone. Today, I am going to participate on the contest made by @gorllara which is the #WeddingPhotographyContest and it feels like a throwback for me wayback 15 years ago.


I am Louela using the steem ID @jenny018 from the Philippines. I wanted to take part and share my wedding pictures almost 15 years way back then.
For women, this is the most awaited moment time of their lives, wearing their dream bridal dress with so much pride and happiness.
On the first picture, my parents are with me walking along the isle. I guess this is one of my most memorable day of my life. My mom was really crying the whole ceremony as if she doesn't want to let me go. (Just edited the picture (my mom) so it looks more beautiful) She's smiling there but the real thing she really is sad at that time I hope Mom is happy now in heaven.


On the second picture is after the ceremony, it's the usual picture taking time. The pictures I need to restore them because it begins to smudge and it's really sad that some can't be restored anymore like my broken heart...(charrr lol)


Before I proceed to the third picture, the whole ceremony was not boring though we started smiling and ended laughing because the priest who officiated our wedding is really very playful and jokes a lot. He even asked me if I am totally ready because if I don't then I can ran away right at that moment that's what he often asked me I don't know if he reads mine or he has mental telepathy.
The last picture is when my husband took me a bite of cake it's just funny because he seems like he's the one eating though he is more ready to taste it.
My wedding pictures was really old and needs to be restored but I guess one by one I can restore it but not that fast because I am still learning the basic of editing. I just hope I make you happy by dropping my entry for wedding photography.
Great start of the week. Good day!

LALAH @jenny018


Hi, @jenny018,

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

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Thanks also for the support.

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Your pair is very beautiful, I pray that the rest of life is happy.

May your prayers be heard. Thank you so much.