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RE: Daily activities on ESTM - Jan 10

in eSteem4 years ago

Do you always post these promoted ones? I didn’t get much attention from a promoted post before so I didn’t use my points for it again. I didn’t think the content was lame so I was hoping for some peeps to check it out. Thanks for the app though, works well.


We are working towards improve visibility of promoted posts and usually more people do see it, but of course depends on what do you mean by attention. Attention doesn't always convert to more comment or interaction, it can also mean more readership. We are aiming for getting more readers for promoted posts so it is used more often as well.

One of the ideas, give promoted amount of ESTM back to readers or users who interact on post and we will release it soon.

Thanks, I was just curious. If promoted posts get highlighted occasionally I would be more inclined to promote ones.

I was looking for engagement and possibly new followers, not necessarily votes, though those never hurt.

Yes, that's what we are experimenting with as well. Highlight promoted posts daily!

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