I've been seeing a lot of mentions of this Justin recently herr on Steemit but I wasn't curious to find why? This short comic of yours shows some reasons & I really like your approach! 😉

What is the story? How can 1 man own this network?!

How can 1 man own this network?!

$$$ + Contacts at exchanges.

Aha! Now I understand! So, he apparently bought a huge part of STEEM & SBD?

He bought Steemit and the ninja mined stake, not Steem the blockchain.

So, the founders of Steemit & the starters of the platform sold it or?

Let's just hope that the new co-owner will save the concept!

No such luck. Best bet is to join the fork that's happening and leave this site to Justin Sun and his centralized sockpuppet witnesses so they can convert all these tokens to Tron tokens.

I get it, the joke is voting for witnesses 😂