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Many of us play the freeroll poker games every day on Brosino Poker which gives us the chance to win some sweet tokens. However, Brosino Poker also offers players the ability to create their own poker tournaments and offer their own prizes for those tournaments.

Anyway enough plugging. Once you are in and you have decided you want to host a tournament you can choose to then have a custom table.

This post only covers a quick summary of the simplest method to quickly make your own table. The included video will cover the same simple method in the first few minutes but then moves on to also include the better and more flexible option PhotoPea Editor. If you just want to slap your logo on a table and play some poker then the steps in this post will be sufficient.

...and the current table when playing looks like this:
Drab table

That is good enough for most but some communities etc. require a bit more branding. The simplest way is to use Canva and to save this table template designed by @inthenow then head over to Canva and slap your logo on it.

To slap your logo or name on a table in Canva is quite simple:

Once logged in. You can select Create Design then choose Custom Dimensions, the table is exactly 700 x 510px. The table template is already cropped to those dimensions also.

Under the Uploads tab you can then upload the table template and when the upload is complete. Drag and drop it on the page.

You may have to scale it, and that can easily be done by dragging the corners and moving the image to place it in the center of the page.

Canva for the post part will try to clip things to edges which helps with placement.

If you just want your name to be on the table then the simplest is to add new text. Under the Text tab select the Heading option to start with an already large font. Then type the text you want.

When you have something selected the toolbar at the top will change with context. For the text object, you will have the choice to change the font, size and colour.

To add a logo to the table, you can do the same thing and just upload it then drag it onto the canvas.

Note that Canva will try to replace the background image, only place the image if you see it does not try to replace the background.

Alternatively, you can select the main background image and lock it from being edited or replaced.

Then you are done.

Look at the top right for the downward arrow icon and then Download your work of art.

Some gotchas

Canva will make an image the background if it fill the entire space, this means it will remove any images that do the same which are below that.

If you are using a background image lower the transparency temporarily to see how it places within the safe area of the table. Then you can make it 100% again when you are happy. This also helps to reposition your text to account for the safe area and whatever may be in the image.

To avoid canva making every image a background, use the Grids or Frames under the Elements tab to easily manage multiple images.

You can easily find images to use under the ...more tab.

Download Image


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