Mazunte Build - Hay Pase, Got the Permit!

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That's fantastic news! Looking forward to the build updates now.

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wow wow WOW>. mind blown ;-) im SO happy for you.. amazing news.. amazing plans.. and a nice round house too!!! i can't wait to see how this all unfolds! Let me know if you have any Q;s, ive done a few tyre roundhouses already! ;-)

my initial comments would be, maybe make that skylight a LITTLE big(er).. the only thing with round is its also deep, so you dont get much sun past the half way mark.. that skylight seals the deal for solar gain.. (unless its rocking sun all the time of course)..

oh also, im not sure if you are planning it, but if you are going to do cooling tubes, since your ship doesn't have a sloped roof leading convection currents to the greenhouse, you really should have that skylight openable. It's not too hard, and i use gas springs a winch and some cable to open it... instead of a box with rocks in it, .. i can explain with photos if you want to know more.. that is where it will vent naturally..

and really worth mentioning that u need to have a slight slope on the cooling tubes to let condensed water drain out.. else you can end up having air venting through mouldy water thats stuck in the tubes.. Most important in humid climates, but i think its safer to do it anywhere just in case!

if its REALLY hot, like it was where i built once in Puttaparthy, i even installed a fan upside down to literally blow hot air out the skylight and supercharge the cooling systems .. WHen its sunny, a 50 Watt fan is easy to run, and it's optional...

hope that helps! <3 xxx

Awesome! Thanx for your detailed comment.
Actually we don't want any solar gain in this climate. There is a northern window to let the daylight in, but the idea is to keep direct sun out.
The skylight is mainly for air flow, and we have three cooling tubes installed already (not shown on the plans because... just because) with a decent incline. The may have to be extended though, as the berm is likely to grow thick behind the 3.5 meter wall.
Hahaha, for the opening of the skylight we have thought up this neat lever that would push a little palapa structure up through the hole, with a palm-thatched roof and no walls. However, for this year we'll probably just seal it with a tarp and do the fine work next year.
Thanks for your suggestions regarding the opening. I know that box of rocks you mentioned and agree: there have to be better options.

sounds like you have it figured out or are on it full on! look forward to more updates!

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