Kestrel house late spring update

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I was hoping for Kestrels to move into the new bird house I built. Though I got a different kind of bird that ended up moving in this year. The bird that moved in is called a Wren. They are a very common bird here in Georgia. Glad to see the bird house I built can house birds, eventhough its not the ones I was hoping for.

Camera ModelLumix GH3
LensOlympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm-50mm
Shutter Speed1/200 sec
Film Speed200
SpectrumVisual Light
Wavelength380 through 700 nanometers
LocationNorth Georgia USA.

I started noticing a bird flying back and forth from the yard to the bird house. And eventually I noticed two birds were living in the bird house.

The bird would use a large tree right next to the bird house. It would go up in the tree and chirp away and then fly off to its next location. Probably looking for branches and twigs to build a home.

I added mulch to the home before putting it up, but seems they wanted to add a special touch to the inside of the home. Maybe with softer materials.

These little birds stayed quite busy, going to the home and then returning to the wild to find more resources.

The Wren stuck its head out before retreating into its home. Im suprised they like such a large bird house. Designed for predatory birds three times bigger than a Wren.

I got a picture of it taking off, it was hanging out on the top of the house checking out its surroundings.

Such a agile bird, guess being really small has its advantages in flight.

About a week after the birds were busy building the home, I could hear little chirps of babies inside. I was suprised how quickly they produced offspring, only a few days after moving in. About a week or two they were already leaving the home and doing their maiden flights.

Maybe next year ill get Kestrels, or maybe some song bird will move in again. And then some Kestrels will kill them and take over the home. I dont really mind which happens. But I dont think a bird occupying a home will stop a Kestrel from taking it over. We shall see, I keep seeing Hawks around. So maybe I need to build a Hawk perch and see which ones in first. The Kestrels or the Hawks.

I am hoping a predatory bird will protect my fruits from birds trying to pillage my trees and bushes. I noticed a few years back when a Hawk would kill a bird near by, the other birds would not come around. So my hope is a predatory bird will move into my yard and keep the song birds from eating my berries and such.

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