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This was unexpected!!!

With the west creek being flooded out hard after torrential downpours, we ventured eastward. The same was true of the far east creek, with deep and fast water abounding, and the creek being widened substantially. After a momentary evaluation of the situation, I thought it best to try to the small center creek. While it too was drastically changed, it's normally smaller size allowed it not to be unmanageable, and we began to see fish immediately upon arrival, with several Gizzard Shad under the bridge. Soon we were upon a mixture of Suckers and Quillbacks, with the number of Quilbacks being an unexpected surprise.

In the previous two weeks of spawn bowfishing the creeks, we had only came upon Suckers when the temps were in the 30s and 40s. Now, with an increase into the 60s and 70s, I had encountered and harvested one quillback the previous venture, and we shot a good number this time. It is worth noting that a strong stringer secured through the eye sockets is far preferable to a bucket in such an environment. We will see what the next trip holds. Trip taken on 4.29.2021. Enjoy the photos!


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wow, so amazing i really like it @papa-pepper

@papa-pepper, se ven exquisitos para hacer una parrilladas de peces amigo. saludos desde venezuela

When the floods done their home was distroyed thats way the big suckers came out and easily to see. Last week your fam got a smaller one unlike now you got a bigger one.

What you are holding is enormous.
The past few weeks I have seen you always with fish.
Where do you take it all.
Do you save?

We put the fish in cans to eat later. It is a good way to get fish for all year by hunting them with bows and arrows in the spring.

You're making good use of this spring ...

That is so awesome!! Getting bigger and bigger! haha I hope you have enough room for all that fish.

I'll need to finish that root cellar soon with all the fish we are canning. Even bigger tonight!

Holy cow!! Those are insanely big haha. Yep you need that root cellar haha

Those things get pretty big! Interested to see when the carp start running.

In my opinion the carp spawn officially started yesterday. Harvested three earlier tonight.

All pictures are very nice. All Fishes are same in big size.Thanks to share with us.

Fishes are very big, not too small.
Really I enjoy your post , get some wonderful nature related photographs !