ecoTrain QOTW #14: What is the biggest question or mystery in your life that until now you haven't had the answer to?

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There are so many such things in Life to which we are almost clueless and seeking answers. There are somethings which will always be a mystery for us, no matter how much science advances, we may reach to other planets but still some answers we may still never have the clarity as the more we explore the universe, the more mysterious it gets.


Personally for me there are many such questions related to Cosmos and the Universe which I always feel that there is so much mystery out there in the space which we may never know, because the other side of the veil can only be explored when we drop this body.

So with that the one question I always have to the Universe is, while there is so much negativity spreading out, but there is equal amount of positive energy being spread out. Or I can also say to a large extent the world is filled with common people, who really do not wish wars, or anything wrong for anyone, largely people are living conscious life, then why does negative still have so much power over the positive energy.

I can understand that there is cause and effect of karma, but still my mind fails to understand sometimes when I largely see negative forces getting so much stronger day by day. Sometimes I do not want to believe that we are trapped in a fence within the Matrix and all of that part and feel that we are strongly connected to our source, and all of that is really a myth. But then when I read about all the psychopaths paedophiles, I wonder who created them, how did they come with so much of negative energy, why do they always win, why don't they get punished under the natural karmic laws if not under the judicial systems, atleast the karma should take care of them, but that never seems to be happening.

Rather what we see is they get more and more stronger and the havocs they create also magnifies. So is it that really the Negatives forces are much stronger then the positive, or is it that the positive forces are waiting and waiting endlessly to get in action. What is it, that makes them win all the time. The Governments, Elites driving all these agendas are few in number compared to the ones who want peace and loving environment, but still this small number wins and keeps getting powerful.


Sometimes when I read some material like the WesPenre papers and a lot of information gets explained out there but still the logical mind keeps wondering. Will the Humanity ever really get freedom or just that the guards will keep changing.
Will we always be trapped into the life and death cycle without memories and going through the same lessons again and again through countless lifetimes.
Then it only means that we are all puppets for some one up there who created us for their own amusement.
How much will Humanity suffer, to what extent, will the positive forces never show up or we will always be in a state of deception and delusion where the positive and negative both forces are just a part of the hologram to keep us trapped and those up there taking the entertainment out of us. Perpetually the white light that most of the therapist and healers claim to work with is also coming from the fake reality, so how does it solve the purpose. There is no break through if we just go by this level of understanding. The connection with our spirit guides, masters, from which space does it happen, does it happen from the light of our creator or again from this hologram, where most of it is all implanted.

Well too many questions, but who will have answers to these. Even after crossing the veil, will we really be free or we just move from one deception point to other and from there again get manipulated and sent back here to go through the same circus.

I guess a lot of people will think that why should I think so much about all of this and live life each day as it comes. But when you have a strong urge for freedom, when your soul really feels it's enough and this whole life on earth is making you feel suffocated be it the riches or the rags, it really does not matter I think then you really want these answers. Well this is my journey, if this knowledge will ever come through I don't know, but I will keep seeking it.

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My biggest question is ...
why and how does the Dow Jones and the rest of the stock market keep pumping and pumping with no end? I know the fed can print unlimited money into the economy, but isn't there an end??
This is my biggest question that I do not have the answer to @nainaztengra

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