Plants propagation with my 18 months toddler

in ecoTrainlast year

This is such A Fun, Relaxing and Lovely Gardening Outdoor Activity!!!!! ☘🌿 (for children and grown-ups too) ;x


Back in the days, we needed to propagate some of our plants and we took this opportunity to learn about them. 🌱🌿
I showed my son which are the roots, the leaves, the stem. I explained to him why are we pouring water to the plants and how plants need air and light. I know he didn't seem to understand much at the moment, but believe me! He did!

Every word you say to your child it matters! They are little crocodiles, waiting for you to drop something so they can take it! That's exactly the case when it comes to language and words. They are very receptive! If you wanna teach a kid something, you only need to say/explain it a few times. Even they cant respond back, they understand; and when the time comes, you'll notice they understood what you were trying to teach them.

That's their absorbent mind! They are like sponges! Take everything in; and it is sooo easy for them!



My baby had fun with his little sand shovel, enjoying this so much!! He got messy but that wasnt a problem. That was the real fun! ;xD

When learning is play, the results are just fabulous!💚

He had to transfer the soil from one pot to another and then water the plants. It's more than enough for a 18 months toddler.

This activity works on practical life skills of pouring, transferring, scooping.
But most important, gardening can provide children valuable life skills as responsability, self care, creativity, gentelness and compassion .

I think it's important to start early educating your kids. They will love what you love! If they see you eating oranges, they will want oranges. If you love plants, they will love them too! I believe it's a must to teach your kids about nature, flowers, plants and tree, health and nutrition. They are our future! They are the future of our planet and the planet needs us and it need us to take care of it! 💚




Stay well and have fun with your kids! 🌿 Time spent with these little humans is the best!

Missdeli 💚💚💚


This is awesome! Teach them young. We do the same thing!

Hey there! I know you do the same! I have followed you for a long time and I really like your outdoor activities you do with your kids. Learning from and within nature is the best! Thanks for commenting :)

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