Flower Survival Daily Monitoring #:04

in ecoTrain2 months ago

Hello Everyone☺☺☺

Im here again for our daily monitoring to my flower that I planted. Still we have in our mind that questioned, if this plant can really survived. So to continue again, today will be the 4th day.


And as I have said yesterday that maybe yesterday or today I will transfer the plant outside so that it can gain vitamins. And so take a look of this, I transfered it just now. But sad to say I think Mr. Sunshine will not show up.


And since Mr. Sunshine wont show up, I watered the plant instead. My mother once told me that:

" If you always water the plant theres a big chance of possibility that the plant your caring of will surely survived"☺☺☺


Thats all for now. Keep safe always. God Bless and thank you for reading and supporting always into my blog.

truly yours,


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