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What's UP everyone!? I hope every day has at least some moments of joy and inspiration. If not then maybe this weeks curation might help! See what we are doing and thinking in the ecoTrain community.. There’s some amazing things going on both online and offline, and off the grid for that matter! Thank you to everyone who posts to the ecoTrain community, new people are joining every day and we really do have some very special posts that help make our world a better place.

@reforest has just launched a worth initative to help plant trees using HIVE and the blockchain... and very well timed on Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! We're proud to announce the first #HiveReforestationProgram

I've been working on this project for the last two months and today I'm very proud to announce the Hive Reforestation Project.

My name is Gherardo Dini, I am 25 years old and I am the founder of the Hive Reforestation Project.
I have been interested in the world of Blockchain for about three years and because of that, in February 2018, I met Steemit.
Like many other Steemians, I was not very happy with the old "centralization" that characterized Steemit, so I was pleased to read about the Hard Fork to the Hive Blockchain and I want to give my sincere congratulations to all those who made this transition possible.

What is @stortebeker up to during lockdown? He's 'stuck' in mexico building an earthship. Obviously im very jelous! Follow their progress on their reciprocal roof!

Mazunte Build - Talking About Logs

Yes, it's all about the roof beams now! Since the tire wall and the concrete work are all done now, the only aspect of this year's construction that is still outstanding, are vigas to our reciprocal roof. While this is without doubt the most exciting and interesting part of the entire build, it is also the one that is most challenging, physically as well as mentally.

Conceptualizing the Roof

What's a reciprocal roof? It's one where each one of the beams is supported by the next one, while in turn supporting the one on the other side. Okay, I know, words hardly do justice getting this idea across. But maybe you have tried this as a kid (or an adult for that matter): You stand in a circle close together, turn to one side, and then slowly descend at the same time, so you each sit on the knees of the person behind you. While you have to maintain some muscle tensions at first as you get into place, once everyone has settled down into the lap of someone else, everyone can relax. Your mere position is going to hold everybody up. This is also a frequently used model to illustrate cooperation and inter-connectedness. So it only makes sense to use the same design for the roof of our Permaculture Earthship Theater.

@eco-alex (that's me), has just posted an update on ecoVillages. They have just completed a purchase of land in Portugal and are ready to initiate the project!

IT'S OFFICIAL! :>) It Gives Me Great Pleasure To Announce

Despite the odds, and with all the extra challenges and hurdles due to corona, I am so happy to be able to say that we have now completed the new land purchase in Portugal for the beginning of ecoVillages! Thanks to several angels, and a bit of luck, we got the deal done in about three weeks. That's is pretty quick really, even when things are working normally. As many people keep reminding me, what is meant to happen will happen.

I have a ticked booked back to Portugal in 4 days time.. i don’t yet have a residency visa, so i MAY have quite some explaining to do at customs! Lets see how it goes.. i have a feeling it will be OK, and my story is certainly unusual enough to warrant some leeway. I’m certainly not going to Portugal as a Tourist that much is for sure! So, I HOPE to write my next update from Portugal on Monday.. Fingers crossed!

@marlenyaragua has launched a beautiful initative called The #Pachamama in Pictures. Everyone is invited to capture some of natures finest and share it with their tags.

The #Pachamama in Pictures - Contest | Run! You Still Have Time to Participate

"The #Pachamama in Pictures" is a contest recently created by @marlenyaragua, as an initiative to celebrate the International Day of Mother Earth that is commemorated every April 22. We are part of Mother Earth ... we are all Earth, the Earth is everything ... therefore, it is very important to take care of her since at the same time we are taking care of ourselves. The contest aims to share some of the facets of our Mother Earth:

@jerrytsuseer shares something beautiful, poetic and inspiring. Thanks Jerry for this!

another "Sonnet of Love" new images etc...

Check out @sallybeth 's gardening and food production. Sally show us how its done!

Hi everyone!

Here is an update from the garden today. I am trying to get as much growing as possible as who knows when shops may run out of food. In these days so much is unknown it seems to be better safe than sorry.
If you are just starting a veggie garden of your own some easy to grow and fast return crops are a great way to start. Peas grow fast and you can pick the early first pea shoots as a crop as well as leaving some to grow to full size to produce peas.
These in the photo below are just a few weeks old and will be ready to pick very soon now.


Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | Full Documentary | Directed by Jeff Gibbs

I leave you with a VERY special move that was just released yesterday , FOR FREE, by the one and only Michael Moore. It is called Planet of the Humans and is a powerful and disturbing watch. They haven’t over-dramatised anything, but have revealed the extent of the joke that our current green movement really is. Michael unearths the truth of how EVERY green power alternative we have depends on fossil fuels. He shows us how in the USA the new way is to burn trees for biomass energy production all over the country, whilst promoting it as renewable green energy. Please watch this and start to see how we have been totally fooled for so long. Even our most famous advocates such as Al Gore are shown to be not at ALL what we thought he was.


ecoTrain Question Of The Week: "What changes would you like to see happen after Covid19"



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