What does COVID-19 mean for Climate Change? News/Media Curation With Commentary

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You might think that such a drastic reduction in our global movements and activities would have a Huge impact on our climate. In some ways you would be right, at least for the obvious signs, and in the short term. I’m sure it must be an amazing experience for many people who are used to living in really polluted cities to be able to see the stars again, and have fresh air.

This lockdown is all a welcomed change for our world to literally take a breath, and to hit the pause button for a few moments at least. What seems clear is that this coronavirus epidemic won't be enough on its own to have any long lasting positive impact on climate change, that is unless we start making radical changes to our systems and infrastructure. It just so happens that the many solutions to prevent not only coronavirus but also future pandemics are just the changes we need to see to also reduce climate change. It may very well be that COVID19 will be the thing that accelerates our shift to decentralised, locally produced and sourced goods and services. Now is time when we will need APPS that help to connect us locally, for shopping, communication, barter and trade. Now is the time when we may NEED to start approaching our local farmers and food growers.

We have to be careful. Climate change is at least in part potentially responsible for coronavirus.. and if not it is likely to be for a future pandemic. We have to stop deforestation, and start living self sufficiently. We have to put the breaks on Oil use, which is happening already. Oil wells are shutting down and the price of oil is now lower than the cost of shipping it. We have so many changes to make, and now is the time to start making them.

This epidemic is our chance. It's ONLY when you hit the pause button that you can see the movie you were watching in a different perspective. Once the momentum of life has is gone, we can start realising and finding new ways to live and occupy our time. Hitting pause is a first huge step, because its so much easier to then hit the RESET button next!

I look forward to seeing some great things come from what is a global unifying event. I pray for the least suffering and pain to all humanity and life for this great transition.

Following are some very interesting and recent hand picked articles from the wider web that speak about the issues of Climate Change and COVID19.


Will the coronavirus kill the oil industry and help save the climate?

Oil wells responsible for almost 1m barrels a day may have already been shut down because the price of oil is now lower than the cost of shipping it, according to US banking giant Goldman Sachs, with the number of wells growing "by the hour". This is likely to "permanently alter the energy industry and its geopolitics" and "shift the debate around climate change", said Jeffrey Currie, head of commodities at the bank.


Coronavirus: 'Nature is sending us a message", says UN environment chief=

Leading scientists also said the Covid-19 outbreak was a "clear warning shot", given that far more deadly diseases existed in wildlife, and that today"s civilisation was "playing with fire". They said it was almost always human behaviour that caused diseases to spill over into humans.


Coronavirus could cause fall in global CO2 emissions

...If this trend continues, analysts say it is possible this will lead to the first fall in global emissions since the 2008-09 financial crisis. Even a slowdown in CO2 could buy time for climate action and, more importantly, inspire long-term behavioural changes – particularly in travel.


How changes brought on by coronavirus could help tackle climate change

The coronavirus pandemic will not turn around the long-term upward trend in global emissions. But governments around the world are announcing economic stimulus measures, and they way they’re spent may affect how emissions evolve in future. There is an opportunity to invest the stimulus money in structural changes leading to reduced emissions after economic growth returns, such as further development of clean technologies.

Also, the coronavirus has forced new working-from-home habits that limit commuting, and a broader adoption of online meetings to reduce the need for long-haul business flights. This raises the prospect of long-term emissions reductions should these new work behaviours persist beyond the current global emergency.


5 Lessons From Coronavirus That Will Help Us Tackle Climate Change

Could the devastating impact of the new coronavirus pandemic destroy the momentum that the climate movement has built up over the last year? Some say so, fearing that the economic fallout will push climate down the list of priorities for governments, and that travel restrictions will force a delay to the U.N. climate conference.

That can"t happen. What brought us to this point of unprecedented interest in taking climate action is climate change itself. We have witnessed huge, record-breaking fires and floods, from California to Siberia, all in the space of one year. Sadly those negative impacts will continue, both in frequency and intensity. If we thought we could forget about it, I"m sad to say, nature will remind us.


6 ways coronavirus is changing the environment

1. Improvements in air quality
2. Greenhouse gas emissions
3. Mountains of waste reduction
4. More room on the metro
5. Stalled airline emissions
6. Climate is no longer the crisis



The World After Lockdown: A Message Of Hope | Russell Brand Podcast

Coronavirus Is Helping the Environment — for Now : VICE NEWS

The pandemic closing factories and keeping cars off roads may be good for emissions, but all of those gains are short term. While millions of workers are spending days at home, the Trump administration hasn't dropped its work to counteract environmental progress. Today, it's set to announce one of the most sweeping and consequential regulatory rollbacks of Trump's presidency: a reversal of vehicle emissions standards enacted by the Obama administration.

How Coronavirus Lockdowns Are Affecting The Environment

Venice's often murky canals are now mostly free of boats, leaving the water clear enough to see fish. Measurements done over the past few weeks in parts of northern Italy and China show a large drop in emissions, meaning clear skies where smog is usually found. #Coronavirus #ClimateChange

The Coronavirus Pandemic's Impact On Pollution And Climate Change | NBC News

As cities and countries around the world enter lockdowns, a surprising side effect has emerged — air pollution is going down and cleaner air has arrived... for now.

Why diseases like coronavirus are becoming more likely

Environmental destruction is making the next pandemic more likely. Sprawling cities, habitat loss, and climate change are a dangerous mix.






Disrupting the "Cost of Living" Industry





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Of course both climate change and covid-19 are both fake, driven by the UN. Given how long the climate change scam has been going on, all you need to do is look outside the window to see what is real. At any rate, just hunt down the original data the IPCC claim to use, and suddenly it becomes obvious, the IPCC are lying on paper too. The reason for it has more to do with Peak Oil than human caused global warming. As for COVID-19, Anthony Fauci has already penned a Paper where he says COVID is no worse than the Flu with an overall case mortality rate of 0.1%, but it brings in with it mandated vaccines which are going to be used to cull the global population down to the UN wants of Sustainable Development. Climate change as written on the UN website clearly shows it has an added piece to it around the carbon tax. This tax is needed because all the high quality and cheap oil has more or less been used up, meaning the remaining oil will be be definition more expensive, thus this faked up tax to pay for it.

When I said on Facebook that the massive melting of Arctic and Antarctic ice might awaken some bacteria, fungi or virus we are not yet immune to, my friend made a dumb joke on "Nazi bases". Still, I am sure this turn is quite probable...

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