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Happy Equinox to you all! Today is for some a day of ceremony, to mark the change of seasons and the beginning of a new cycle. Will you celebrate? Let me know in the comments how you will! I will make a fire, and sing some songs.. Our question of the week was all about Rituals and ceremonies, and several of you posted about your own rituals. This was a lovely response as we are from so many parts of the world, and we each perform rituals in such varied ways!

Thank you to all who took part! Xxxx

Have a beautiful equinox


Ciertamente los rituales pueden ser asumidos como algo cotidiano a lo que uno le da poder y en algunos casos nos alientan haciéndonos creer en todo los beneficios que pueden traer a nuestras vidas. Desde la experiencia dentro de mi contexto este tema ha tenido un gran movimiento, crecí en una familia católica por parte de mi madre y por parte de mi padre son creyente tanto de la religión católica como de la espiritualidad ancestral, entre ambas fui creciendo y mirando el desenvolviendo mágico religioso de una cultural ritual que aún persiste. Mi madre reza su rosario todos los días a una hora específica con una fe y devoción admirable. Por parte de la familia de mi padre los rituales relacionados a la cultura indígena y africana también están presente.

Certainly rituals can be assumed as an everyday thing to which one gives power and in some cases they encourage us to believe in all the benefits they can bring to our lives. From the experience within my context this topic has had a great movement, I grew up in a catholic family on my mother's side and on my father's side are believers of both the catholic religion and the ancestral spirituality, between both I grew up and watching the magical religious unfolding of a cultural ritual that still persists. My mother prays her rosary every day at a specific time with admirable faith and devotion. On my father's side of the family, rituals related to indigenous and African culture are also present.


When it comes about rituals, I don't think, there would be any other place than India, where everything depends upon certain rituals. Be it any family, caste or religion they do have their own kind of rituals for every ocassion. From the birth of a child, to the death, from wedding to owning a new house. There would be many kind of rituals that would certainly make things quite blissful and peaceful.

Bringing up and letting the world knows about so many indian rituals process is not an easy things, however, @ecotrain comes up with the QOTW-sharing a rituals I love to share a rituals that were very common for everyone among Indians.

The rituals is called HAVAN known as homa or homam, without which no puja is over.

Havan, or you may call it Yajna, is an age old practice and an important part of Vedic rituals in which people put on a fire using a pious wooden pieces, usually the Mango sticks in the center and make offerings along with chantings of mantras. This is done to please a god/goddess and/or achieve a certain objective. This is done right after completing all the worshiping process.


Hey there ecoTrain community (and others - I tagged a lot of communities I thought might like to read this!)! This is the first Question of the Week I'm participating in, and I'm coming into it just at the end of the week. The question is, "Share a ritual that you perform or know about."

As a Lakota person, I hold a lot of rituals in my life. In fact, many common actuals can be viewed as existing as a ritual. But, in the West, "ritual" often means some action that is repeated the same way every time, and so I've picked my example with that in mind.

One ritual I engage in routinely is burning a small fire as the phases of the moon change. This is a way of respecting the moon's relationship with us, but also has a practical purpose.

Little bits of brush build up around my garden through the month. Some of it goes into the compost, but some of it is larger branches. Those, I burn in this ritual fires, and then the resultant charcoal is what gets added to the finished compost, as it gets mixed in with the soil.


Rituals are an important part of being human from the moment we open our eyes to the world. It is a way to invoke the power of higher forces to honor the divine and, at the same time, to exercise our own inner forces to propel growth and the will to create "miracles" in our lives based on faith.

So, it can be said that there is a direct relationship between beliefs and rituals. The society in which man is immersed will have a great influence not only in his beliefs and rituals but also in the conformation of his inner world externalized in the praxis of his being.

For this reason, culture varies according to the regions of the planet, but in the end, the divine is worshipped in any of its manifestations and, with globalization, a gear was activated that moves and links different cultures creating a multiracial and cultural braid that allows a web of beliefs and rituals that enriches the collective psyche.

The question that @ecotrain asks: "Share a ritual that you perform or know about", us this week makes us dig into our foundations to shake our cultural roots to compare them with the exercise of living according to what we are and believe as integral people.



Rituals keep us grounded. They keep us down to earth and reminds us of where we came from and what we are made up of.

Rituals are the songs of the old and the voices that no longer exist but want to interact with us and guide us towards the meaning of life.

A ritual can be as small as washing your feet before you walk into a holy place or it can be as big as shaving your hair because the ritual demands it.

Over the last several years I have drifted away from many of the religious and cultural rituals that I use to perform. I guess I have a complicated relationship with my creator.

Of the many things I do these days, I am very keen on a few that are very close to my heart and I am having a tough time deciding which ritual to write about here in this post.

I have spent a good part of the last two days thinking of all the things that I do and I have been trying to figure out if any one of those can be a ritual.


Ritual bautizo de agua

(English version below)

Feliz y bendecido presente Hivers,

En la pregunta de esta semana, @ecotrain nos invita a compartir un ritual, bien sea algo que realicemos cotidianamente o esporádicamente, o incluso, hablar sobre alguno que nos gustaría realizar.

Si deseas saber más sobre la propuesta sigue este enlace

Luego de que les compartí mi experiencia con el ritual que hicimos para mi hijo Gael de bendición del útero (puedes ver el post aquí), me animé hoy a continuar la historia con otro ritual que hicimos un poco después de su nacimiento.

Desconozco si la tradición de "echar agua" a los bebes antes del bautizo en la iglesia
es una costumbre latinoamericana, en mi país se realiza mucho y suele ser un ritual muy sencillo con los padres, padrinos y familiares más cercanos del bebé.

No existe una guía "oficial" de cómo llevar a cabo este ritual, sin embargo, se caracteriza por ponerle agua bendita al niño, hacer una oración destinada a bendecirlo, y pedir a Dios por su guía y protección, encendiendo una velita para iluminar esas peticiones.


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Thank you for sharing my post. 😇

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