Things most people still don't know about COVID19 and how to REALLY stay safe

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Hey everyone! I truly hope you are all well and taken care of wherever you are! In times of trouble it is always beautiful to see people band together and help each other.. and I have been so lucky that so many people have helped me to find a safe place to wait this out whilst I'm locked out of my Earthship home in India. Who knows how long it will take really, right now it feels like it will be a month.. and despite travelling to so many places and airports this past two weeks I am fortunately still in good health!

I would like to share a few things about COVID19 that many of you many not know or have read before.. There is so much information out there, some of it good, and some of it incomplete or inaccurate. If you are scared you have COVID then it might be good for you to know that symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, headaches, body pain, are NOT symptoms of Corona but are normal flu symptoms. Staying safe and avoiding contact with COVID is not as easy at it may sound, and there are certain things that are good to know so that you can protect yourself for when you go out. Just being aware of certain things can really make the difference to contracting or transmitting Corona to others.

I have a strong background in medical microbiology and understand the information i am sharing with you to be accurate and true.

COVID19 is not the flu

Seasonal flu
Is a result of several possible strains of virus

- Is the result of one specific virus.
- Is more severe then seasonal flu, in part because people have yet to develop immune protection for the new virus.
- Mortality rate is 3.4% vs seasonal flu at 0.1%.
- Corona virus does not cause sneezing.
- Corona virus rarely leads to a runny nose.
- Corona virus rarely leads to headaches.


  • Corona Virus CAN be transmitted through faecal matter. If you have to go to public toilets try not to touch anything. Do not wash your hands or go near the sinks. Take hand sanitizer and use that until you get home. Poo or pee and leave immediately. Just touching a tap after you wash is enough to negate any benefit from washing and the risk is VERY high since everyone touching them are using dirty hands.
  • In general avoid touching door handles and commonly used objects. Use your feet to push things open or your elbow.
  • It is no use using gloves if you reuse them, or touch high risk objects and keep using them. Use hand sanitizer on gloves after touching anything that you are unsure about.
  • Corona virus is viable in the air for three hours and on metal and plastic for days. Therefore wear a mask in high risk areas and clean objects with a good hand sanitizer that you are unsure about.
  • Physical contact is the main source of transmission so avoid it.
  • Be aware of what your hands have touched before you use them to eat or touch your mouth or face.
  • Social distancing is effective at 6ft.
  • Social Distancing NOT social isolation. We need each other and community to get through this.


  • Strengthen your immune system. Mushrooms like Reishi and Agarikon are proven to combat viruses, and are one of the very few things you can take to fight the virus itself as opposed to eating well to strengthen yourself. Reishi components directly bind to viruses interfering in the process in which viruses attach to and enter healthy body cells in order to create an infection.

  • Only use vitamin C that is ASCORBATE BASED, with a MAX of 2-3,000Mg per day.

  • Only use zinc if you are travelling or in public. Make sure you use zinc acetate which has 100% ionic active form.

  • Black elderberry is one of the best natural immune stimulator’s (150Mg twice a day)

I hope this helps you! If we all make the effort to learn and understand we can really help this epidemic to come back in control by July / August. Since this is the first time we have been exposed to Corona our bodies have NO natural immunity yet, and this is partly why it is infecting so many people. Next year we should be in a much better position since we will have more immunity, and also the potential of vaccines and general public awareness.

Much love, please share this with friends and loved ones...


@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine – Is this your entry for the Immunity Challenge? Thanks for sharing this very pertinent information!


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it is now! sorry! i didn't even spot it amongst all the goings on... but probably i haven't followed the rules !

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