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Well, that's a mangled-up title. But hey, the current influx of right-wing conspiracy theories that are yet another indication of fascism on the rise in America and the rest of the "civilized" world deserve no less.


source: Wikimedia Commons

Fascist movements take many shapes in different times and different places, so they don't all exactly resemble the fascism we know from Nazi-Germany. That's because fascism isn't an ideology in and of itself, but a set of ideas born from a reactionary mindset that pits itself against the "invasion" of progressive and leftist ideologies in a society that desperately tries to hang on to its identity and traditions. There is however a set of recurring characteristics found in all fascist movements; they're always ultra-nationalistic, they always clamor for a strong hierarchical social arrangement, they always long for a return to a mythologized past that almost never existed, and they rely on wild accusations against the progressive forces that threaten to destroy their traditions and culture. With that comes a slew of wild conspiracy theories about their leftist and progressive opponents, some of which seem to never truly die. One of those everlasting conspiracy theories is the one about Cultural Marxism; that one was thought up by Adolf Hitler himself who saw socialism and communism as a Jewish conspiracy to destroy German culture, and was originally called Cultural Bolshevism:

Cultural Bolshevism (German: Kulturbolschewismus), sometimes referred to specifically as sexual Bolshevism, art Bolshevism or music Bolshevism, was a term widely used by Nazi German-sponsored critics to denounce modernist and progressive movements in the culture.

This first became an issue during the 1920s in Weimar Germany, when German artists such as Max Ernst and Max Beckmann were denounced by Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party, and other German nationalists as "cultural Bolsheviks". Nazi claims about attacks on conceptions of family, identity, music, art and intellectual life were generally referred to as Cultural Bolshevism, the Bolsheviks being the Marxist revolutionary movement in Russia.

Cultural Marxism is a contemporary variant of the term which is used to refer to the far-right antisemitic Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory. This variant of the term was used by far-right terrorist Anders Brevik in the introductory chapter of his manifesto. The term is used also by psychologist Jordan Peterson, whose perspectives on the influence of postmodernism on North American humanities departments have been compared to the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory.
source: Wikipedia

Although only Jordan Peterson is named in the above Wikipedia-snippet, you know we could add almost every well known and less well known right-wing pundit on the interwebs. Watch this first short video from someone who recognizes "Cultural Marxism" for what it is, a fascist conspiracy theory meant to spread fear for the "radical left".

What the Hell is Cultural Marxism?

The far-right movements and individuals who are at the forefront of the fascist battle against the political and ideological left are very good at using language to turn people over to their side; if you listen to people talking about BLM, you can now recognize the far right-wingers among them because they talk about "BLM Incorporated". This is done with the very specific goal to paint BLM as a corporate funded military wing of the Democratic Party, probably funded by that faithful boogeyman of the far right, George Soros. This is laughable to anyone who thinks more than two seconds about this cloaked accusation: well funded and well organized movements are found on the political right. Right wing YouTubers like Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder are backed and funded by billionaires, left wing YouTubers, also called "BreadTubers" or "LeftTubers", are never funded and survive on traditional monetization and Patreon donations. Just like the only true left-wing candidate during the primary elections, Bernie Sanders, was wholly dependent on small donations. The same goes for spontaneous movements: the Tea Party movement was heavily funded, BLM and Antifa aren't. Monied interests are always found on the political right, which is the main reason why the Democratic Party is NOT a left-wing party anymore; America now has one right-wing party and one far right-wing party...

The latest conspiracy theory aimed against Antifa and BLM was the news about the Oregon forest fires having been lit by radical leftist acivists; again laughable if it wasn't so sad and dangerous. Leftists are tree huggers people... They're constantly being accused of overreacting to the climate crisis, called climate-alarmists by the right and far right. But that won't stop the opportunists on the right to change their tune whenever it suits their purposes, and they'll gladly accuse the tree huggers of setting the tress they love so much on fire. And all of this is of course funded by Soros and his Jewish cohorts who are out to take over the world by destroying the precious Judeo-Christian culture that brought civilization to The West... Again, in 2020, we have before us a fascist movement that blames leftists and Jews for the coming apocalypse, with a strongman leader who thinks that the neo-Nazis who chanted "Jews Will Not Replace Us" in Charlottesville are equally fine people as the anti-fascists who protested against them. If all this doesn't scare you, I don't know what will. Watch this final short video about how Joe Rogan was complicit in spreading this latest far right lie about the forest fires, and how he had to apologize for it afterwards. Rogan has many millions of followers, being the world's most successful pod-caster; him just repeating these far right lies is a dangerous thing and doesn't bode well for the immediate future...

Oh, by the way; this post isn't intended as a defense of George Soros; like almost any other billionaire he's guilty of economically suppressing millions of people, he's part of the problem we all have to contend with. I don't know him personally, just like I don't know Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates personally; they all might very well be very nice people to personally interact with. But they represent the systemic evil that destroys billions of lives, controls all our governments and thereby dictates our lives and limits our freedom, destroys the environment and keeps eternal warfare alive; they are our problem, all of our problem, regardless of what ideology or political movement you identify with. This whole left-right division I so often talk about, we should bury that and concentrate on the only real division that keeps us all down, and that's the class division inherent in the capitalist economy...

Wounded Dave Rubin Lashes Out At Joe Rogan

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