The Rise Of Trump

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Often times I ask myself, as I'm sure many of you do to, how did we get to where we are now, with a fascist clown at the helm of the world's mightiest nation? How did Trump rise to power? How did he fool so many people into believing that he would fight for the average American citizen, bring back their jobs, build better schools, take better care of the veterans, and so on and so forth? Memories are short in these fast times, so here's a short reminder...


source: YouTube

I really only have a video for you to watch, and it's not even a great one. In fact I had to keep myself from turning it off several times because it was so hard to watch the lies in hindsight, to hear this conman make promises we now know he never had any intention to keep. I'm not saying this, nor am I sharing this video on the rise of Trump because of any particular aversion to right-wing policies or the Republican party; I did a similar exercise after Obama's presidency and if I'm completely honest his lies were on an equal footing to Trump's lies, and were just as hard to watch and hear in hindsight. I still can't get over the fact that Barack "drone king" Obama received a Nobel Peace price...

But Trump's rise to the presidency, as it is summarized in the below linked video with fragments of public appearances from 1980 until January 2017, paints a very clear picture of his ultra-nationalism and his antagonistic attitude towards foreign nations. Not just one or two, but all of them; in his rhetoric on other nations Trump always talks in terms of winning or losing, never in terms of cooperation. During his entire campaign, and even before that, he has focused on America as a falling nation, that what once was the greatest country on Earth now isn't respected anymore by other nations, how American leadership, Obama in particular, let China win all trade-deals. Looking back at all this, and hearing him talk about a return to a time when America was still a winner, makes it clear to now, in hindsight, that Trump was the fascist strongman from the very beginning, and I blame myself for not having noticed this much sooner. I mean, he talks about American businesses moving their production facilities to low-wage countries in terms of those countries stealing American jobs, thereby making those countries the enemy instead of the CEO's who decide to exploit low-wage labor abroad... Constantly talking about America "being ripped off" by "others"...

Just watch this stark reminder, and you'll see it's no wonder that white nationalist movements support this man through thick and thin; he's got their back. Sure, he now and then throws in the obligatory talk about the multicultural society and the odd apology, but taken on the whole his rhetoric is divisive and antagonistic, and this has been the case since 1980 at least. I wish I could tell you to enjoy this video, but I can't; I can only invite you to watch Trump's long road to the White House as a reminder that he really is a textbook example of a fascist strongman leader who promises to always place the American nation and people first and to "Make America Great Again"...

Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 - 2017)

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