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RE: US: What’s wrong with this picture?

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You think so? I must be hearing something different then, or maybe we're not talking about the same Biden speech... Again, I really want to understand you here: what did Biden say in his speech that was inflammatory, provoking, not true or insulting? If I call a fascist a fascist, that's not an insult, that's just stating a fact. Right?


I didn’t say Trump is not a fascist, @zyx066. I am not Trump fan. But when satanist call a fascist a fascist, then:

  1. you can’t consider a satanist positive guy

  2. you can’t expect a positive outcome

I'll ask you again: what's a satanist and how did you get the idea Biden is one?

So, how would you call a corrupt, incestuos pedophile who promotes forceful ‘vaccination’ with a deadly jab, serves as a frontman of an ‘elite’ promoting homosexual agenda, climate hoax, Great Reset, a warmonger who openly support Nazis in Ukraine and looks for a way to initiate WWIII?

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